Why this world is the substance in that? Gravitational waves from the origin of the material to the validation of the University of Tokyo Research

The University of Tokyo Dr. Hitoshi Murayama senior researcher and Research Group,the early universe phase transition by substance・antimatter-the replacement of gravitational waves, the observation can be validated by noted that.

【Here】“Phase transition”in the use of tertiary battery is high voltage,expansion of the power supply to the University of Tsukuba Research

■Matter and antimatter

Any substance that is electrically opposite of the nature of antimatter exist.

Antimatter discovery of in 1928 the British physicist Paul Dirac that quantum mechanics and relativity, using the electron equations of motion led to this was. This equation as minus charge with the normal electronic only,plus a charge of having”positron”will appear as well.

A positron,in 1932 Anderson is a lead plate put 霧箱 of the experimental observations successfully. It is now known that charged particles, most of antiparticles have been discovered.

Matter and antimatter together and neither extinguished the mass, such as light energy in the form of change. This”spell”with.

Matter and antimatter the big difference is the substance, the that,antimatter is almost not found here. This universe is antimatter than matter is the overwhelmingly more so.

If Matter and antimatter are mutually opposite version of you,the Big Bang the universe began the same the only one sure. Then, all particles have antiparticles with the spell the universe has substance antimatter have not.

This explains as to why the universe, in the early days of antimatter is substance to changes that have been considered. However, this change is how we happened to escape.

■The early universe phase transitions

“Phase transition”is,boiling water is water vapor or water into ice when it is cooled to a low enough temperature and change of state of can.

The state of matter the critical temperature is called the specific temperature change. The phase transition of example as other metals of the superconductor to change. A specific metal at a low temperature in the cooling and phase transition occurs, the zero resistance of the superconductor to become.

Superconductor using the electromagnetic means, the electrical resistance is not a heat problem because the very strong magnetism it is possible to generate.

Of a second after the Big Bang. the universe is very high temperature State was, swelling along with temperature are lower well. Critical temperature the temperature is lowered and of the universe, the phase transition happens. This phase transition by antimatter is changed in substance or considered.

The early universe phase transition in a superconductor by”Space Laces”called a very narrow magnetic field tube can might.

■This research

The research group,the early universe phase transition in Space Laces shrinkage process, the gravitational waves are thought to occur for. This gravitational wave is the future for construction as a universe of gravity, the telescope can detect that may be proposed.

This research 1 May 28,”Physical Review Letters”published in the. [Article: the creation of the Information Research InstituteThe article list to look at]

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