Why was one day suddenly blocked by a large number of websites?


Why was one day suddenly blocked by a large number of websites?

Caching original web content and distributing web content from cache servers located around the world to enable load balancingContent Delivery Network (CDN)Is widely adopted in business and academic fields. One of those CDNsCloudflareWas suddenly blocked one day and lost access to the websiteJan HarasymReports on her blog.

Cloudflare is turning off the internet for me

One day, Jan came to the office, opened a web browser on his laptop and updated the page, and most of the tabs that were open displayed "Sorry, you are blocked". After reading the notice, it seems that Jan's action was determined to be an attack on the website and was blocked by Cloudflare. The website owner is being asked to contact us, but it is difficult because the website cannot be accessed.

Jan speculated that disabling Javascript might be the cause, but the display did not disappear even after several hours with Javascript enabled.

So JanHackers NewsTo solicit a solution.

Cloudflare is turning off the internet for me | Hacker News

While waiting for the answer to the question, Jan tries and tries to access the page. When I tried to access it using Chrome, which I do not usually use, the page was displayed. Access from your usual browser is still blocked.

Hacker News posted "The browserUser agentLooking at the comment “ I think that was the cause, '' Jan remembered that he had rewritten the user agent before, and decided to rewrite the user agent of the browser he normally uses to the same as the default setting of Chrome . Then the page was displayed without being blocked.

maliciousBotIt is said that the user agent is often left old without being updated since it was created. It has been pointed out that the user agent that Jan set himself up was from Firefox of 2017 and was a bit old, so he may have been judged to be a malicious bot.

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