Wife role Naoko Iijima, "Resurrection" Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi "return dad!"

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi [63] played the "revival" in Tokyo on the 18th, attending the opening celebration of the opening movie "The House of the Sun" [directed by Moto Gonno] for the first time in 21 years. At the end of December last year, he was absent from the stage greetings for the completion of the show due to acute renal pelvic inflammation. The spectators appeared in sunglasses on a black leather coat while a hot “go” call was taking place just like a live performance.

Naoko Iijima [51], the role of his wife, greeted Nagabuchi on the day, saying, "Go home, dad!" Ryoko Hirosue [39], who played Madonna, looked back at the stage greeting that Nagabuchi did not set up, saying "I was hearty," and said with a smile, "I'm encouraging to be together today." Eita Nagayama [37] revealed that she gave the land of the moon to Nagabuchi, and laughed, "If something should happen, let's escape together. It's a joke."

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