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Wii remote control patent infringement suit, Nintendo's reversal victory suit. Approximately 1.1 billion yen damages canceled-Engadget Japan version

Reuters / Issei Kato

A federal court in Dallas has ruled that a patent infringement claim filed against Nintendo's Wii remote control is invalid.

This$ 10.1 million [approximately 1.1 billion yen] damages judgment sentenced in 2017Is overturned, and Nintendo has won the reverse. The case began in 2013 with a case filed by iLife Technologies Inc. with Nintendo in the United States that Wii Remote infringed six of its patents. Five of those six were declared invalid by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2016, and one would like to be contested.

The main reason for the lawsuit was the technology that detects human falls with motion sensors, Sudden infant death syndrome[Sudden death of infants without any sign or history]Patent.

ILife has filed a complaint claiming that it can be applied to other apps, claiming $ 44 million in damages for 36 million Wii units, for a total of $ 144 million. Nintendo, on the other hand, asserted that the description of the patent was invalid and said it was invalid,Once was ordered to pay $ 10.1 millionIt depends.

iLife has filed similar patent lawsuits against Fitbit and UnderArmour, but neither hasIt was eventually withdrawn, Presumably reconciled. Nintendo, on the other hand, appealed and won the battle to win.

Wii remotes have been sued several other times,Philips co-developed CD-iHas been sued. Here are two infringements of the three that Philips claimed in the High Court of Justice,I was in reconciliation. In other words, Nintendo's lawsuit is in effect, and even the Nintendo Legal Department is not unbeatable.


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