Will 30% of jobs disappear after 30 years? How to acquire skills that are not robbed by AI

◆ About 30% of the existing occupations will disappear in 30 years.
When you are going to start studying something, it may be natural to choose “skills required by society”.

Certainly, you can't ignore that aspect at all, but you also need to know the risk that following only the demands of society can lead to a way of life that is tossed by changes in the environment.

For example, the skills of tatami craftsmen. Old homes were typically tatami mats and had to be replaced in a few years, so there would have been some demand. However, if the times change and the flooring flourishes, there will be little demand and you will be forced to close business.

Tatami may be an extreme example, but the prosperity of the skill can be seen in our immediate surroundings.

For example, PC operation skills. In the past, it was highly appreciated just by using Word and Excel, but now it is “done right”.

Society always seeks some skill, but that skill is being repainted one after another, and new skills must be acquired and caught up.

◆ When AI takes the job
The progress of AI [artificial intelligence] technology is likely to accelerate the obsolescence of skills. It is said that AI is self-evolving by deep learning, and about 70% of existing occupations will disappear in 30 years.

For example, even in thinking-type games such as chess, go, and shogi, humans are no longer able to win AI, and the range of applications is expanding, such as AI writing novels and newspaper articles, and AI trading in asset management. There is.

Robots incorporating AI have also started to spread. For example, if automatic driving is realized, the occupation of drivers will be threatened, and introduction to nursing care and reception work has also started on a trial basis.

While AI and robots improve our lives, they can drastically change industrial and social structures. An unexpected job type has been replaced by AI, and the skill that is said to be "safe after 10 years" is not known when the needs disappear.

In such a future, waiting for people who pursue only the skills that society demands is a way of competing for employment in a narrowing need, or a way of poverty where wages become cheaper as the value of skills decreases. There is a risk of becoming an unemployed road that is thrown away.

◆ Ability that cannot be replaced by AI
So how should we choose the field of study in the future?

Considering the areas where AI and robots cannot advance, for example, “creativity” that creates new things and services, or “problem solving ability” that solves more complex and difficult problems.

If that is the case, the learning areas we should aim for are inevitably leading to the acquisition or enhancement of these abilities.

By the way, the former creativity can actually be replaced with issue discovery.

Apart from literally creative occupations such as design, video and music, writing, art and performing arts, creation begins with suspicion of common sense, inconvenience to the current situation, and awareness of problems overlooked by ordinary people Because. That leads to making people say "Yes, I wanted that kind of thing".

On the other hand, computers including AI cannot produce results unless they are given instructions by humans. This means that you can solve a given problem, but you cannot find the problem yourself. In other words, creation can be said to be the ability to conceive orders, that is, to discover issues.

However, the difficulty is that there is no textbook for these abilities. Even if the know-how is spoken in a business book etc., it is something that the author has gained through the author's environment, ability and personality, and ultimately needs to be learned through trial and error experience.

So, first, extract the field that you feel you like, be good at, and have fun in your future life, and then within that field, skills that will lead to one or both of the above two abilities Identify The rest is to continue to do so, gain experience, draw lessons from experience, refine and refine it.

One of the other abilities I want to improve is leadership. Companies around the world want leaders who can lead the organization. In fact, most of the high-income offers are managers.

This is because computers cannot move organizations or inspire people. Even if the robot boss says “Kimini Kitai Citeilyo” in a synthesized voice, you will not be motivated.

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