Will it be Tokai University's consecutive victory?往 Outbound route of the Great Melee / Hakone Station report

Seikagaku University, which has won four wins in the past five years, Toyo University in the third place for 11 consecutive years, Komadai, which boasts 6th V in Heisei, Kokugakuin University who is the winner of Izumo station, with the aim of winning consecutive victories as “ five strong '' The outbound journey is likely to be a melee battle.


<Review of grades, famous scenes, etc. with photos / Summary of Hakone Ekiden>

2 wards = 23.1 km [Tsurumi Relay Station-Totsuka Relay Station]

* Section record: 09 years: Mogs [Yamanashi Gakuin University] 1 hour, 6 minutes, 4 seconds

◆ 4.2 kg晃 Akira Aizawa [4th year = Gakuho Ishikawa] catches Tokuba University, Itsuki Kanamaru [4th year = Isahaya] and rises to 12th place

◆ 2.4 kgSeigaku Gakuin, Daiki Kishimoto [1 year = Sanjo], Chuo Gakuin University, Yuto Kawamura [4 years = Chuo Gakuin], Waseda University, Tomoki Ota [4 years = Hamamatsu Nissha], the top group is 7 people

◆ 1 kgSoka University / Muiru [4 years = Kenya Mungeso], Kokugakuin University / Hidekazu Hijikata [4 years = Sakae Sakae], Nikkei University / Kazuya Yamaguchi [4 years = Sera], Tokai University / Rare Yu Shiozawa [3 years = Iga Hakuho] forms the leading group

1 ward = 21.3 km [Otemachi-Tsurumi Relay Station]

* Section record: 2007: Yuki Sato [Tokai Univ.] 1 hour, 1 minute, 6 seconds

◆ Tsurumi Relay StationSoka University / Yoneman caught Kokugakuin University / Fujiki in the last minute and became the first top-ranking relay in university history. Toyo University ranks 14th with a delay of 2 minutes 2 seconds

[1] Soka University: 1 hour, 1 minute, 13 seconds

[2] Kokugakuin University + 5 seconds

[3] Nitaitai + 8 seconds

[4] Tokai University + 10 seconds

[5] Chuo Gakuin University + 13 seconds

[6] Waseda + 17 seconds

[7] Seigaku University + 18 seconds

[8] Teikyo University + 19 seconds

[9] Komadai +54

[10] Meidai + 56 seconds

[11] University of Tsukuba +1 minute and 3 seconds

[12] Kanagawa University + 1 minute 35 seconds

[13 Tokyo International University +1 minute 49 seconds

[14] Toyo University + 2 minutes 2 seconds

[15] Nihon University +2 minutes 4 seconds

[16] Chuo University +2: 14

OP Kanto Student Union +2: 19

[17] Takudai +2 minutes 26 seconds

[18] Shundai +2: 30

[19] Hodai + 4 minutes 7 seconds

[20] Kokushikan University + 4 minutes 12 seconds

◆ 19.9 kgKokugakuin University Fujiki heads to Tsurumi Relay Station with the lead alone. Soka University, Chuo Gakuin University, Nitai University, Tokai University, Waseda University

◆ 19.1 kgBlue University is late. Chuo Gakuin University returns to group

◆ 18.7 kmKokugakuin University, Kota Fujiki [2 years = Sakae Hokkaido] set up and took the lead. Waseda University, Chuo Gakuin University is late

◆ 18.3 kgWaseda and Nakatani are late for a while, but desperately eat

◆ 17.8 kg明 Large delay when climbing Rokugo Bridge. The head of the group is Soka University

◆ 17.3 kgKoma University is late, and the group consists of nine people: Tokai University, Waseda University, Seigaku University, Kokugakuin University, Teikyo University, Nitai University, Soka University, Meiji University, Chuo Gakuin University

◆ 15.2 kgThe top groups are 10 teams of Tokai University, Waseda University, Seigaku University, Kokugakuin University, Teikyo University, Nihon University, Soka University, Meiji University, Chuo Gakuin University, and a little later, Koma University. Toyo University is one minute behind the leading group

◆ 13.9 kg健 Tokyo International University, Ken Tansho [1 year = Shonan Institute of Technology], Nihon University, Yokoyama Toru [3 years = Chuetsu], Tsukuba University, Nishi Kento [3 years = Yamashiro] are late, the group is 10 people

◆ 12.9 kgThe group consists of Tokai University, Onizuka, Soka University, Rei Yoneman [4 years = Omuta], 12 people at the top

◆ 12.6 kgToyo University / Nishiyama receded to 17th place. Mouth open and painful expression

◆ 11.9 kgMichio Chimori [1 year = Matsuyama Sho] is late

◆ 11.2 kgが Toyo University, Kazuya Nishiyama [3 years = Dai-Nagano Univ.], Kanagawa University, West Daiju [2 years = Hamamatsu Sho], Takudai, Taketa Souta [2 years = Ichifunabashi] are late.

◆ 10.3 kg駿 Kunto Student Union Hayao Yoshisato [Surugadai University 3rd year = Omuta] is late, group is 17 people

◆ 9.2 kgKokushikan University, Jundai University, and Hodai University are late, with 18 people. Tokai University, Waseda University, Seigaku University

◆ 7.8 kgSeikagaku University, Kei Yoshida takes off his gloves and turns on the switch. Immediately after Tokai University and Onizuka set up on the new Yatsuyama Bridge, the group failed because they could not jump out

◆ 7 kg碧 Hokkaido Aoi Kuno [2 years = Gakuho Ishikawa] is also late, the group is 18 people

◆ 6 kgThe group is 19 people. Kokushikan University and Jundai Harada Munehiro [3 years = Omuta] are late

◆ 5 kg集 団 A group led by Waseda and Nakatani passed in 14:23

◆ 4.8 kgKokushikan University, Rikuto Ogiwara [2 years = Seibudai Chiba] begins to be delayed from the group

◆ 3 kg通過 It passed at 8 minutes and 39 seconds and continued at a high pace. Waseda University, Tokai University, Seigaku University, and Toyo University lead the group

◆ 2 kgWaseda, Yuhi Nakatani [2 years = St. Sakucho] leads the group

Players passing in front of the 1st ward Imperial Hotel in a group [Photo by Motoyasu Yokoyama]
Players passing in front of the 1st ward Imperial Hotel in a group [Photo by Motoyasu Yokoyama]

◆ 1 kg通過 Passing at a high pace of 2 minutes 45 seconds. Tokai University leads the group

◆ 0.5 kgToyo University, Nishiyama, Seigaku University, Kei Yoshida, Tokai University, Onizuka

◆ Start号 A gun at 8 am. 21 teams started at once. The temperature in Otemachi is 7 degrees, the humidity is 50%, and the weather is sunny.

Shota Onizuka [4 years = Omuta] is aiming for consecutive victories, Keita Yoshida [3 years = Sera] has changed entries, Seikagaku University, Kazuya Nishiyama [3 years = Daiji Tono], Komadai is Daisho Nakamura [4 years = Sera] Kokugakuin University changed its entry to Kota Fujiki [2 years = Sakae Hokkaido].

Players in the 1st ward starting Otemachi all at once [photographed by Masashi Adachi]
Players in the 1st ward starting Otemachi all at once [photographed by Masashi Adachi]


3 wards = 21.4 km [Totsuka relay station-Hiratsuka relay station]

* Section record 19 years Ayumi Morita [Seigaku University] 1 hour, 1 minute, 26 seconds

4 wards = 20.9 km [Hiratsuka Relay Station-Odawara Relay Station]

* Section record 19 years Akira Aizawa [Toyo Univ.] 1 hour 0 minute 54 seconds

5 wards = 20.8 km [Odawara Relay Station-Ashinoko Galle]

* Section record: 19 years Yuhei Urano [Kokugakuin Univ.] 1 hour, 10 minutes, 54 seconds

Players in the 1st ward starting Otemachi all at once [photographed by Masashi Adachi]
Players in the 1st ward starting Otemachi all at once [photographed by Masashi Adachi]


◆ Participating schools

school name Participation history Previous grade
Tokai University 47th time in 7 consecutive years Champion
Seigaku University 25th time in 12 consecutive years 2nd place
Oriental University 78th consecutive year for 18 years 3rd place
Piece size 54th consecutive year for 54 years 4th
Teikyo University 21st time in 13 consecutive years 5th place
Law school 80th time for 5 consecutive years 6th place
Kokugakuin University 13th time in 4 consecutive years 7th place
Orderly 61st in ninth consecutive year 8th
Takudai 41st time in 7 consecutive years 9th
Chuo Gakuin University The 21st time for 18 consecutive years 10th
Tokyo International University 4th time in 3 consecutive years 15th
Kanagawa University The 51st time for 10 consecutive years 16th
Nitai University 72nd consecutive year for 72 years 13th
Meidai 61st time for 2 consecutive years 17 Place
Soka University 3rd time in 3 years
University of Tsukuba 61st time in 26 years
Nihon University 89th time in 2 consecutive years 14th
Kokushikan University 48th time in 4 consecutive years 18 place
Waseda 89th time in 44 consecutive years 12th
Middle school 93rd time in 3 consecutive years 11th
Kanto Student Union

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