Will the rich constitution attend the year-end party season? turn down?

◆ A year-end party is an effective investment? Or is it wasted?
It is an annual year-end party season. Some people are looking forward to this event that repeats every year, while others say it is painful.

So is it a waste of time and money to attend the year-end party? Or is it an effective investment?

◆ What is a year-end party with investment value?
A year-end party as an investment can be judged by whether it has a developmental impact on your future.

For example, if you hear from a business partner, it means that you like it, so it's a waste to refuse. In addition, if you are in a hosted position, you can also call people who want to get in touch with you, and make it a place for interaction.

There is also an advantage if you partition as a secretary. For example, set up and leadership training. Or, if you can show your capabilities to the top management, this is a great opportunity.

It's a bit more sequoise, but you can collect the membership fee in cash and pay it with your credit card. If there are a large number of participants, you will suddenly accumulate transcendent points.

In addition, for example, there are services such as “No charge for secretaries with over XX names”, “Offer the secretary for the next half price discount”, and “Cashback 30% of the banquet fee to the secretary at a later date” If you use it, there are real financial benefits.

◆ Features of useless year-end party
So what is a wasted year-end party?

For example, members tend to be wasted if they are the same as usual, or if it is a year-end party with a large number of people.

If you are a regular member, the conversation is almost the same. If you have a large number of people, you can't speak very slowly, you don't know who's coming and who's not, and you're less meaningful. After all, whether you attend or not will not affect many people.

However, if all the costs are owned by the company, it may be a good story, especially for those who live alone. Nonetheless, if you spend your money and time, but you can't get your abilities and networking spread, then you want to refuse such a year-end party.

It's also a waste of money and time for people who don't drink, have few acquaintances and have narrow shoulders, or who have a hard time meeting.

◆ Prepare a refusal phrase
However, if you find it difficult to refuse, you should prepare a refusal plate phrase. In that case, I think it's easier to convince people with a higher importance and severity than a year-end party.

For example, “A friend from school days is hospitalized and goes to visit.” However, it is important to note that “laws” have been worn out and there is a possibility of barre.

Other than that, it would be convenient if there were children, such as "greeting a nursery school," "children are getting fever," "wife [husband] is late to go home, and children are prepared for dinner." An excuse to make you think is possible.

◆ Let's go home at the first meeting
Even so, even if it becomes the flow of a secondary party, it is to round up at the primary party and return home. If you remember the time when you attended the second party, you can understand it, but most of the time you don't remember what you talked about.

There is no meaning in such time, and if you become deep drink and missed the last train, or if you noticed you slept on the return train and ended up in a taxi station, you would eventually become a taxi. punch.

Furthermore, eating and drinking just before going to bed at night reduces the quality of sleep, and the next day is likely to cause a stomach hangover and a hangover. So, let's get away by saying, “Tomorrow morning is early”, “I get angry by my bride”, “Pretend to get a phone call from my family”, “I feel a little sick and vomit”, “I have no money”.

You may feel anxious that it seems to be a bad guy, but don't worry at all.

Everyone is already drunk, so even if you say "Well, it's bad," you will soon forget those who didn't come to the second party. I don't really care who returned at the first meeting.

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