Will the Tokyo Olympics be considered "two years later"?

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, several members of the Organizing Committee have agreed with the postponement proposal claimed by Haruyuki Takahashi [formerly Senior Managing Director of the Dentsu] of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee on June 16. Do you get it. The board will be discussed on this issue 30th of this month. While the policy of aiming for a regular opening on July 24 remains the same, it could be a great opportunity to consider alternatives in parallel.

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As the impact of the new corona spreads around the world, officials say that there are several members of the Organizing Committee in support of Director Takahashi, who advocates a postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. On the other hand, there are some dissents, and if the agenda is discussed at a meeting on the 30th, it could be confusing.

So far, Takahashi's argument has been that "one or two years should be considered for postponement", but now it is consolidating to the idea of ​​"two years from now." This is because the 21st World Championships [August = Eugene, USA] and the World Championships Swimming [July = Fukuoka] are scheduled for 2009.

The 2010 Beijing Olympics will be held in 2010, but Mr. Takahashi believes that "the Tokyo Olympics should be done in the summer and the year must be exciting for the Olympic year."

Some executives say hosting with the audience is the most realistic case in the unlikely event, but they have a negative view of implementing with the audience, saying that they will lose interest in the world. .

The World Health Organization [WHO] has stated that vaccine preparation for a new corona could take as long as 18 months. The deadline for judging whether or not it can be held normally is expected to be at the end of May based on the comments of the members of the International Olympic Committee [IOC] and the host city contract, but there is a large difference from the deadline for preparing vaccines.

Mr. Takahashi's argument presupposes that the event should be held in a safe and secure situation when the effects of the new corona have completely resolved. A delay of two years would be consistent with the vaccine preparation guidelines.

To the last, the IOC is the main determinant of whether or not to hold a regular event. On the other hand, how the Board of Directors of the Organizing Committee, which is promoting the operation plan, summarizes the way of thinking on the Japanese side is also important in protecting the Tokyo Games.

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