Will there be 5 iPhones in 2020? –Read Apple News

"December 2-December 8 CNET Japan news related to Apple" summarized this week's Apple News.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been in Japan since December 8th. On the 8th, after posting the Tokyo view seen from the Roppongi Hills Japan office on Twitter, visited Apple's directly managed store in Omotesando, and Wakamiya introduced himself at the keynote address of WWDC 2017 as the world's oldest app developer. Masako reunited with 13-year-old Satoshi Sugano, who had shown an app developed at Apple Omotesando three years ago.

On the evening of that day, he spent a dinner with the artist Gen Hoshino, and on the morning of December 9, he visited Keio University Hospital about medical and technology, and went around app companies. The situation has been transmitted.


Also, on December 14, Apple Kawasaki, the first store in the mall, will open.

The writer spent a Sunday afternoon at Apple Omotesando, but iPhones were selling at an incredible momentum, and the global trend of Apple's iPhone malfunction and smartphone saturation spread like a lie. It was so shocking that the products over 100,000 yen were sold continuously.

In Japan, the year-end sales battle with the iPhone 11 may be surprisingly successful. In addition, aggressive predictions have emerged, suggesting that Apple has not given up on the iPhone.

The iPhone that will be released in 2020 will be one of the low-priced models expected to be released in the first quarter, followed by a total of 4 models: 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches 2 models, and 6.7 inches 1 model. -Chi Kuo predicts. In both cases, organic EL displays are used, and Qualcomm's technology, in-screen fingerprint authentication, may be included.

Apple is expected to support 5G, the next generation communication standard in 2020, and the smartphone industry is likely to be able to stimulate demand for replacement after a long time. It can be said that there is an extraordinary thing to put Apple's efforts to introduce four higher models there.

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Is the problem of obtaining location information on the iPhone 11 Pro in order to avoid restrictions?

◎ iPhone 11 Pro users pointed out that they are collecting location information data not intended by the users. Security researcher Brian Krebs pointed out that some system services continue to request location information unless the location service is completely turned off, and users cannot disable it individually. .

An Apple engineer initially explained to Kerbs that it was not supposed to be a security issue, but it was an expected behavior, but Apple officially made a statement and explained what was happening. .

According to this, the conclusion is that the system service continues to take location information regardless of the user's intention. However, its use is intended to comply with regulations concerning wireless communications that differ from country to country.

The iPhone 11 series newly supports ultra-wideband communication [UWB], which makes it possible to acquire more accurate position information and accurately measure the position and distance between devices. As an example of implementation, AirDrop between the iPhone 11 series currently has an interface that makes the iPhone appear larger when the device is turned.

It seems that UWB is permitted in more than 185 countries, but there are countries where UWB is prohibited, including Argentina, Paraguay and Indonesia. It obtains location information, and when it is in these countries, it automatically controls to turn off the UWB function.

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