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Win 10 preview version changed policy. Fast Ring tests new features regardless of next update-Engadget Japan edition

On December 16th (local time), Micosoft began distributing build 19536 for Fast Ring on Windows 10 Insider Preview.

Until now, Insider Preview includes Fast Ring, Slow Ring, and Release Preview, each of which has been pre-tested for the next update. In addition to Fast Ring, when a large function is planned to be added, a test with a limited number of people called Skip Ahead is being conducted. At some point, it was integrated into Fast Ring. It was.

In the future, however, Skip Ahead will be abolished and Fast Ring will receive the build directly from the active development branch and test it. As a result, features that have been tested with Fast Ring are no longer included in the next update.

Perhaps you will be sharing roles in the form of testing new features with Fast Ring and pre-testing for the next update with Slow Ring and Release Preview.

In such build 19536, if there is a driver update, you can check from the Windows Update screen, update Korean IME, and set up a family group.

Family group setup, as the name suggests, is a function that assists setup when multiple people, such as family members, use the same device.

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<p>In addition, the smartphone sync app has also been updated to support displaying up to 2000 photos, so far, only up to 25 photos from the smartphone could be displayed. This will be gradually rolled out for Insiders running Windows 10 April 2018 Update and later.
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