Win, learn to trend follow and cut losses, the importance of the first part

Such as shares and FX trading when the market trend[upward or downward phase] the combined trading can be hard,and trend of the market in the opposite direction to trade the contrarian, and fine time axis of the concept, except in General order upholstery trade [trend Follow]on the minute have.

【Here】Swept the world you GAFAM and BATX, and in the future the main themes of the prequel

Contrarian trend, transformation of the sign, or too up・down too much and overheating that will be made for one, the market is often as severe as you continue to tumble here and there. And for a contrarian trade as against loss when,manfully stop loss[loss of contract], but if you can’t, and the loss of the next trend shift will continue to have to this this would.

Furthermore, the losses continue out your own failed to can be admitted, without the”I go down””it go up”and,in addition, a pin trading[add in buy more・sell more with Holdings, which built the ball of the average value and lowering] To but night pin trading, particularly the contrarian trade is 法度 been.

International pin trading continued to result,one trend is the transformation not continue, for example,by adding in pin trading that means even more,possess built a ball cut losses to the timing of no, resulting in a large amount of trade assets in the salted state. Salted state,repay any debt amount has not been determined, but the debt of what it’s like.

For example, the Abenomics market is beginning in 2013 and later, the long-term rise in stock prices become a trend that is fresh in the memory would be. At 10,000 yen from the Nikkei Stock Average, which is just 1 years later in 2014 is approximately 1. 5 times of 15,000 yen, exceeding its 1 year later in 2015, is about 2 times of 20,000 yen is exceeded. However,this aspect hard as it was 2 years in the trade the asset is a 2-fold increase in that.

However, the Nikkei Stock Average is 10,000 yen from a 15,000 yen when the”Is it down”and selling,the contrarian trade and it. The Nikkei Stock Average after the trend shift without lifting continued, and after 1 year about 20,000 yen mark on around 5,000 yen of the debt as was required in the past. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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