Wind power was used in the giant windmills of disposal is not easy

taraiok said,

Iowa Western to a wind farm, with 110 on the near of the wind turbine blade [blade]of the replacement work is performed. The blade of the conventional than the long one to replace the hub and replace that. This by the same power plant, the power generation amount is 20%increase and[StarAdvertiser,Slashdot].

However unexpected challenges arise. Exchange old blades for disposal, however. The blade length is 120 feet [about 36. 6m], the demolition workers by 3 to 1 cut to size. Then, hundreds of trucks and about 130 miles [about 209km] away Nebraska Butler County landfill sent to be disposed of. Wind energy critics,this”landfill of the blade of March”is wind power environmentally friendly energy sources in the industry claim that weaken and.

Initially, the cut blade is easy to press in the compression volume can be small, were considered. However, strong winds can withstand the structure of the blade is very sturdy, and even the compression process in the debris splattered all machine shop equipment can damage you from that.

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