Windows 7 extended support in 2020, and 1 on 14 November and end on early and thorough preparation!

Many users use Windows 7’s extended support until the end, as you and 1 month and was. Individual users,will be a free update through the already migration to Windows 10 have been completed the case file. However, individuals in mission-critical systems, or favorite applications and the external devices is not supported for reasons such as a free update to saw users that would.

【Here】Surprising and do not know of Microsoft Windows 10 lifecycle and is

So 1 month of a grace not even a countdown in the first, an immediate response is required.

■Extended warranty is?

Such as Windows of Microsoft product lifecycle as functionality updates and security updates free of charge to the main stream compensation period. It is cut after the product is used years the consideration of this parameter to provide the service extended warranty your.

Windows 7 main stream of compensation is already 2015 years 1 months 13 days ended, and now the extended warranty period applicable to, the deadline is looming and that is the theme for you.

■Extended warranty expires and what the problem is?

The enormous program which is a collection OS,programming and debugging close attention to them, even if the bugs and not assume the security hole is present. The system to dangerous flaws each time block is the security update only.

The extended warranty is finished, then what kind of security hole is found, even if in principle it close the patch is not provided [in the past,the severity from an occasional free-of-charge security updates are provided there is also an example].

Connected to the Internet, your PC is always from the attacker’s computer. The attacker is a known [or unknown to]the security hole is not blocked by a test program, using the system can attempt to penetrate. Security patches not provided by the OS in a state of being connected to the Internet continue to use, the higher the probability that the attacker in our malware sent, the OS administrator rights to get a third party to attack to use it can sometimes be an annoying nuisance: a tool behaves very strangely, and with.

That is, without intent and the user is the perpetrator that it could happen to you.

■How to respond is?

Basically, a migration to Windows 10, we recommend that. Windows 10 Home, Professional, Enterprise,Educational and other editions exist, but their environment was in the system package purchase and download purchase, such as by formal up-do.

Windows 10 is that of a single unit as a product of the OS and different, as a service of the OS on that. The same named Windows 10 from a year to 2 times provided feature enhancements and will be offered every month Quality Improvement Program, always up to date to ensure that. This is applied by the user is the main stream guarantee or extended warranty by cycle, without thinking about the OS and continue to use it like that.

Incidentally, the Windows 7 free upgrade from is still possible and the article is in many places seen to have. This is Microsoft’s official position is you,here is the regular version of the license purchase, upgrade, search, and more.

■Such as Windows 7 continue to use if you want

Mission-critical systems and required peripheral device drivers, such as the problem is the new OS works in the test environment, in-depth investigation is desirable. Investigation on the problem in your case, it is recommended that this is not for the time being the old OS to continue to use and case you would.

And,the deadline ends in 1 month and was at the point of support, and ensure the compatibility of surveys you can would not say that.

And,if the network connecting the first,full stand-alone form operation, if it was possible[not too realistic], it was isolated in the environment of the old OS with the use of such things nowadays. The expected case, for example, a completely independent accounting system only used your PC and documents, the scanning of a dedicated scanner device drivers for the old OS to respond, and I may not.

Such a problem,just a new OS[Windows 10] transition while the business user to a solution, as one of the paid”extended security update[ESU]”is provided by Microsoft.

■ESU is?

A variety of reasons,soon to Windows 10 and it is not possible to upgrade for business users-prepared, but extended security update[ Extended Security Updates]only. To make use of this by the year 2023, for a fee security update to provide that.

This program is subject to Professional, or Enterprise editions for users in the Enterprise the use of the corporate user only, and this year 10 months, from the Professional to the user, the door is expanded,small business users and sole proprietors is also available.

The contract is 12 months in the unit, the fee is a contract different from Year 1,Year 2,year 3 and so expensive to have a set just like them. About it, the lifecycle of the product against the resources of the period and reduced for the provider and,to a certain extent convinced in you and such.

Support expired OS to continue to use this from a security aspect, but also the PC’s service life, such as from the aspect of risk and is not. Ensure support for one, think part of the security holes exist, though, so it close the hand-up and not so many of you.

Also, equipment failure,parts retention period all replacement parts is not found, you would. Mass Effect is fading, the previously cheap memory and other parts high also may.

Mission-critical system for the time being continue to operate as a test environment, making the app continue to seek,the earliest possible transition we would expect. [Article: kurishobo・The article list to look at]

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