Windows new logo design revealed


Windows new logo design revealed

OS for PC developed by MicrosoftWindows”Has been reported to have a new logo design.

Microsoft reveals new Windows logo design and 100 modern app icons-The Verge

Microsoft reveals new Windows Logo and Microsoft 365 icons-The Redmond Cloud

Microsoft at the end of November 2018Microsoft OfficeAnnounced new icon design for related software. The new design has been gradually introduced from the cloud version of “Office 365”, and finally the desktop version of the icon has also been changed to the new design.

Microsoft Office icon design is renewed-gigazine

At about the same time as the icon design of Microsoft Office was renewed, Microsoft was rumored that it might be considering redesigning the application icons of Windows 10. The source of the rumor was the unfamiliar design icons that appeared in the movie that announced the icon design of Microsoft Office.

Is Microsoft considering changing the design of Windows 10 app icons? -GIGAZINE

On December 13, 2019, just one year after the icon design change began to be rumored, Microsoft announced that it has changed the design of over 100 types of icons, including Windows standard applications etc. It is. The new app design is a design system proposed by Microsoft.Fluent Design SystemIt is said that it is based on.

The Icon Kaleidoscope-Microsoft Design-Medium

The following article summarizes what the Fluent Design System is, which plays an important role in Microsoft icon design.

Microsoft announces “ Fluent Design System '' to develop apps with better designs-gigazine

Microsoft plans to revamp the design of software and services under the Fluent Design System, and the Windows logo change is at the heart of that big project. “When we redesigned the icon, we faced two major creative challenges,” said John Friedman, vice president of Microsoft design.

Microsoft has released multiple images as the icon design has undergone a major renovation. One of them is an image containing what seems to be a new Windows logo.

Microsoft is a folding dual display PC in October 2019 “Surface Neo”And a new OS for dual-display terminals that was being developed independently at the same time“Windows 10XA part of UI image is released. The Windows logo included in this Surface Neo image looks the same as the Windows logo design included in the new icon design released this time.

The new icon design announced by Microsoft does not change the appearance from the conventional design dramatically, but the consistency in the design is clearer when viewed in the whole application installed in Windows etc. It has come to understand that. The Redmond Cloud writes, “It seems like an attempt to eliminate inconsistent icon designs on Microsoft Windows.”

In addition, the icon design change by Microsoft is made in stages and is expected to continue until 2020.

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