Wine manufacturers, wine law in domestic grape shortage to suffer from the Tokyo Shoko Research survey

Tokyo Shoko Research is the National Wine Manufacturers survey results announced,the new law on the enforcement of the domestic production of grape raw material shortage has not yet manufacturers are often separate.

【Here】Japanese wine,about 7% of last 1 year in the drinking age on the increase in Mercian studies

■Employees with less than 10 people small companies more than half of the

19, the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research”National Wine Manufacturers survey”was announced. This is across the country, the main wine maker 174 companies and a survey was made of the responses obtained, the company held 70 minutes to aggregate and analyze that. A similar survey in 2018, and 11 on the 2nd.

70 companies, the number of employees from 1 to 5 person companies is 26 companies[with a total of 37. 1%] and most often,the 11~30 person 24 companies[the same 34. 3%], 6~10 people and 13 companies[the same 18. 6%], and 10 employees of the following companies is 39 companies [from the same 55. 7%]more than half of your. On the other hand, employees in many of the 31 people~50 people for 4 companies [the same 5. 7%], 51 people or more are 3 companies[the same 4. 3%] remains.

■In 2019, shipments of”flat”to many

In 2019, the shipping quantity of prospects when asked,70 out of 40 companies is”unchanged”and answered. Also, the”increase”has 23 companies decrease”,”17 companies and was. “Unchanged”or”decrease”was due in 2018, 10 October began with a”fruit wine, etc. the manufacturing method quality labeling standards”[wine law]is the impact of that. The act is a”domestic wine”and place names bearing the wine of the raw materials, the strict standards that.

■Ingredients fulfillment companies that have between 3 and less than

It is used as ingredients for brewing grape procurement environment when asked about the,”the goal minutes of procurement is available,domestic raw materials satisfied,”replied the companies 19 companies [a total of 27. 1%] remained. On the other hand,”own the goals of the minutes of the procurement is possible, the domestic raw material is insufficient”to 40 companies,”the goal minutes of the procurement, and the domestic is missing”or 21 companies,”the goal minutes of procurement is difficult, and Japan is the fulfillment of”the 3 companies combined 7% of companies in some of the shortage that has arisen.

■Domestic production of grapes is insufficient to cause

Domestic production of raw materials is”missing”and the answer was 48 company when asked why,most of the”grape-producing farms number of successors is missing”in 35 companies. Or Shine Muscat such as high with edible grapes in the production of migration, such as”farmers”trends of noted companies 16 companies. Other opinions, as”overseas from seedlings imported”hard”stuff to other companies is high to buy the raw material prices are rising,the purchase was”as is said.

■Continue to focus on management issues

Future emphasis on management issues when asked,”in the domestic market expansion and maintain,”replied the companies 27 companies were most frequent. Or”capital・augmenting[mass production to include]”Has 24 companies was. Other as the”cultivation of the environment improvement””climate change”and the like. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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