Winter “Kashiwanoha Sushi” is a kata! → It ’s delicious when lightly baked in the toaster

Cold! As I get older, this cold is unbearable and I'm thinking about living on a southern island in winter. Moreover, when the temperature falls, freshly cooked rice, especially white rice, becomes harder.

For example, the reporter livesNara Prefecture's famous “Kashiwanoha Sushi”Yes. It is delicious to eat as it is, but in winter the vinegared rice is hard and cold. If you are the first person to say it, it would be a problem if you think this is the limit of Kashiwanoha Sushi. The reporter who thought so decided to bake with a toaster.

・ Throw into the oven toaster

Novelist Junichiro Tanizaki talks about Kashiwanoha sushi in “Ineirai”. It seems that it was actually made at home, although some expressions that seem to be ironic, such as "Eat people in the mountainous area of ​​Yoshino".In short, it must have been delicious.

Even if you say Kashiwanoha sushi in one bite, the way you make it changes greatly. Sometimes it is made at home like Tanizaki, and as I mentioned at the beginning, there are many specialty stores. In any case, it is time to eat when the vinegared rice is soaked with fat from rice cakes and rice cakes. However, it is difficult if fish and rice are cold. So, when I threw it into the oven toaster …

Like Kashiwanoha sushi to eat in summerVinegared rice is fluffyWasn't it? If you put it in your mouth,The umami of fish oozes into rice. Compared to the cold state, the smell of the fish that smells the moment you open the bamboo leaves is not a big problem. It ’s okay if you hang it up.

・ Warm up until the leaves are a little scorched.

The point is to take out the toaster where the bamboo leaves have burned a little. Depending on the toaster, Kashiwanoha sushi preserved at room temperature will probably transfer heat to the center of the vinegared rice.

Although it is delicious as it is, it has been discovered that umami will improve depending on the device. I would like to recommend it as a new way to eat Kashiwanoha Sushi. I wanted to tell Tanizaki-san too.

Report:K. Masami

Photo: RocketNews24.

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