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With Nintendo's "Request far greater than expected", Wii repair reception is advanced and ended. Parts depletion-Engadget Japan

Nintendo has finished accepting repairs for the Wii game console released in 2006 ahead of schedule.

At the end of January, it was announced that it was “ ending on March 31, 2020 '', but “ We received a repair request that far exceeded the forecast, and the inventory of parts necessary for repair became shorter than expected '' That is the reason for moving forward.
Nintendo ends production of Wii for domestic use. About 7 years from release(2013)

Wii production ended in 2013, about seven years after its release. Nintendo has been accepting repairs since the end of production, but announced on January 27 this year that it will find it difficult to secure the components necessary for repairs and will stop accepting deliveries on March 31, 2020. Was.

Originally because of stock exhaustion of parts,"Even if the parts required for repair run out of stock even before the above date, repairs may not be accepted."There was a note, but it seems that unexpected repair requests were flooded so that it should be about 2 months grace and it will end in 10 days.

Wii is the same as the previous generation of game consoles, and online services and stores are basically over. However, it is still possible to re-download downloaded software (Wiiware) and move to Wii U, which has a little more support (expected to end in the future).

For Nintendo, which aims for “ surprise '' including software integrated with hardware and physical interface, it seems that there are many difficult parts to maintain compatibility with past works, but the same work is also used for virtual consoles and archives in the generation of hardware The fact that you have to buy a new one every time, and you can no longer play games with the main unit and one lottery, I hope that it is a story of the past.

Notice Regarding Wii Repair Termination | Support Information | Nintendo

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