With the new “cancel” tech that won't fly your iPhone anymore

When you are writing in "Memo" or "Mail", you may want to make a mistake or delete an important part or cancel the last operation. With the iPhone, you can cancel the previous operation with the action of shaking the body up and down (shake), but it is difficult to move the iPhone momentarily. If your iPhone breaks down to redo just a few characters, it's not worth it.

iOS 13 provides a more intelligent way to cancel operations. That is "3 fingers tap". Tap the appropriate position on the screen with three fingers at the same time. The three fingers can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The interval between fingers is also appropriate, and the effect is the same even if you tap at an angle that indicates the vertex of an equilateral triangle.

When you tap three fingers, a bar with buttons is displayed at the top of the screen. The leftmost button is the “Back” button, used to cancel the previous operation. In other words, if you tap 3 fingers and tap the "Back" button, you can get exactly the same effect as Shake. To stop (redo) the operation, tap the “Forward” button at the right end of the bar.

This bar can also be used to edit text. If you display a bar when the range of text is specified, you can tap the “ Scissors '' button to cut the range and the “ Copy '' button that can be temporarily stored and pasted elsewhere . You can also use the “Paste” button that allows you to paste a sentence at the cursor position by tapping three fingers immediately after copying something (with a temporary memory of the sentence).

Another method of canceling the operation is “3-finger swipe”. Swipe left on the appropriate position on the screen with three fingers and tap the “Cancel” button that appears at the top of the screen. At this time, it is important to swipe at a natural angle (index finger, middle finger, ring finger are lined up diagonally) rather than forcibly aligning fingers vertically.

Easy explanation of operation procedures

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    1 “Shake your iPhone to undo the last operation, but there is a risk of flying your iPhone

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    2 If you want to cancel the last operation on iOS 13, tap the appropriate position with three fingers

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    Three Tap the "Back" button at the left end of the bar that appears to cancel the last operation

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    Four You can also cancel the operation by swiping left with three fingers

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