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LotteriaToUltra Manga PotatoIs advent! What a hell500 yen + taxThen, you can buy the fried potatoes that were so oversized that you only saw it in manga♪

Many people say, "I plan to refrain from going out during the summer vacation of 2020 and watch movies and movies at home!" Perfect for accompanying withdrawals! Since I actually purchased it, I will review the amount and taste ♪

A dream "Ultra Manga Potato" that you can buy for only 500 yen!

I bought "Ultra Manga Potato" immediately!

A set of 4 potato S sizes added to the regular bucket menu of LOTTERIA "bucket potatoes (4 potatoes S size)".8 pieces of potato S size in totalThat's a startling amount.

I tried putting all in a bucket. And I tried putting 500ml PET bottles next to each other for trial…

This is a serious manga www

There is no doubt that the visuals will have a big impact and the tension will increase! !!

By the way, I couldn't find "Ultra Manga Potato" on the Lotteria menu table I did.

When I hurriedly asked the clerk, "It is not on the menu table, but if you show me the coupon in the Lotteria app, I can offer it!" Even if there is no description on the menu of the store, let's give up early and do not give up!

We also recommend downloading the Lotteria app on your home Wi-Fi in advance!

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