With Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris–Focus on Technology Industry Stance

Mr. Joe Biden, who is expected to become a US presidential candidate for the Democratic Party a few months after various predictions flew, appointed Senator Kamala Harris from California as a vice presidential candidate who will fight the presidential election together.Nominated.. The election meets Biden's promise to nominate a woman as Vice President to take over Donald Trump's position in the November elections.

By: Getty Images

By: Getty Images

The examination process up to the selection of Mr. Harris was strictly guarded. The candidates were announced just a few days before the Democratic National Convention started on August 17. This time, due to CoronaAlmost onlineWill be held in.

Both parties have selected women as vice presidential candidates in the past. The Democratic Party is Geraldine Ferraro and the Republican Party is Sarah Palin, but neither has happened. If Biden is elected president, Harris will be the first female vice president in the United States. Biden's nomination of Harris is also historical. He is also the first Asian black (whose mother was born in India) to be the first Vice Presidential candidate.

Biden's choice may be important in other ways as well. If he is elected president, he will be the oldest president in US history at the age of 78, and if he doesn't want a second term, his vice-president could be the next presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Elected at the age of 70 to become the oldest US president).

Mr. BidenWith a tweetHarris was described as "a fearless and fearless fighter, and one of the best public servants in the United States." He also touched on his interactions with his son (deceased) Beau Biden, who served as the Attorney General of Delaware.

“I'm honored to announce that I chose @KamalaHarris as my co-runner. He's a fearless fighter of the ally of the weak and one of the best public servants in the United States.”

“When Kamala was acting as Attorney General she was working closely with Beau. I was proud to see them fight big banks, encourage workers and protect women and children from abuse. I am proud to nominate her as a presidential partner now."

Harris tweetedI expressed my determination.

“@JoeBiden is a man who can unite Americans. He has been fighting for us all his life. As President, he will build our ideal America.

 I am proud to act with him as Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. And do what it takes to make him the commander in total.''

Of the former US PresidentBarack Obama also tweeted to support Harris..

“I've known Senator @Kamala Harris for a long time. She has more than enough vice presidential character. She devoted her career to those who uphold the US Constitution and treat them fairly. Today is a good day for America. Let's win the presidential election."

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