Wiz Corona era of partition(between partitions)story

Wiz corona of the era, said.

【Here】Wiz Corona under telework to promote the E2EE・encrypted end-to-end implementation of

Corona-virus product is born. The partition[between partitions] that everyone……….. The Ministry is people, distance[social distance]of the guidelines to”2 meters [minimum 1m]”and all that. But that distance can not keep the location a lot.

People have face to face conversations to provide support, advice, and guidance to, and counter, such as a transparent vinyl or acrylic etc materials by partitions or curtains installed can be seen. On the Desk lay the type of partitions, and the acrylic material is popular. PVC or pet, such as acrylic similar material than the cheaper ones, but the transparency is low, such as there.

Partition by Corona heart by the suddenly popular technology is a professional manufacturer other than the companies began production on the left-hand side.

Multiple shutters. 6 months from the acrylic partition started selling. Bespoke shutters and signage fabrication the main business of the company partition, manufacturing was the local ward office point of contact was. Ichikawa 慎次郎 the President”or to the ward office when I went in, acrylic partitions to put where and not put it where there was. Not put the Department or office less, or have guests over fewer departments. But,we won’t,the absolute number is quite enough to do. We are sign fabrication and acrylic cutting, because the stock is somewhat. Partition of the can also produce. So Adachi-Ku donated to be made,”he said.

Several hearings and trial, to superimpose,to determine specifications. The first 100 units 5 May 15, the district office handed over. Track 1 units piled up for loading,several times divided into City Hall carrying.

“”You can as long as the height such as”I want. 1 piece of acrylic plate from off the shelf in 3 pieces, and Adachi-KU to the desired size in the 2 photos we take. Well not a bad usability of the meaning of the desired size is created. At work, stand up and speak the situation there is”sufficient height”is important”.

That said, the original business and it is wrong. Hardware and iron welding, not acrylic after cutting by hand frame portion of the chamfer is such an unfamiliar process. But Adachi-Ku donation to the news and[I in the news I know] in the blink of an eye here and there from the inquiries flooded. For sale acrylic partition manufacturing thought.

“Adachi Ward office to a 6 month 25 days, the 170 units donated. The business of sewing the interval I,It, future donations will continue. General company inquiries・orders often even a bit more. Here too grossed out by, and highly appreciated it decided to sell. Conference rooms and meeting places of installation as well as office employees in the seat next to or across from the side to the establishment of many. Again the height is important to notice that for”.

The raw materials of acrylic are currently scarce state. Quotes for the corona and the ominous front of the 3 assigned to 4 assigned to the most high. Are 2 times,3 times the value of the about and from. Weakness with and pay us to display your color when the last playable empty square is filled. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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