Wiz Corona under telework to promote the E2EE・encrypted end-to-end implementation of

5 on May 23, rice 9TO5Googlee, and E2EE[end-to-end encryption] security to Android・the official app of the message to implement in-house test is being promoted and announced. Test app・Messages ver. 6. 2. 031 in the development of successful,text messages and chat of users,more secure information exchange is possible. That is, the corona ominous by accelerating telework security aspects of data in a more enhanced corporate and personal assets to protect the cost and also would get.

【Here】Telework, telecommuting to the implementation of the enterprise 3 crack less than security and information protection challenges

E2EE end・to-end encryption and encrypted using the user encryption key that owns the system. Social media・the platform administrator or the Internet provider of the user information peeping in the most high security logical being. As its name suggests,the device between the hosts in the only information you can check the points that you want to focus on.

Future,Wiz Corona measures including new business styles, as well as a thorough telework enhancement is implemented, the corporate information in order to protect the intermediate node provides security that is too weak. Therefore, Facebook and Google and GAFA by information leakage incidents can.

This problem for the forefront, as the Google E2EE introduced to tackle to get there. Or telework popularity of tools・ZOOM, the more sensitive to increase E2EE implementation has to undertake a 6 month it has been reported that

In the future, E2EE is any communication・the transaction to be implemented would. Each cloud storage,messenger service and e-mail tools, and financial services encryption needs are high.

Actually, the investment scene in a fairly early stage from the E2EE has been introduced that would I have known. In 2014 Smart・trade technologies, bonds and derivative transactions such as in the E2EE work. The seller and the buyer only information for this system on the financial industry a perfect solution for that.

Society E2EE implementation of all business is from the outside of the hacking and 秘密漏洩 of risk likely to be released from. Of course, this system and although not perfect, the confidentiality of the information is to some extent collateral to follow. Your company’s confidence level to check on,E2EE is employed whether the evaluation of one that’s for sure. The end an added personal assets into the E2EE implementation of the selection criteria should be so. [Articles:TO・The article list to look at]

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