Women's Basketball W League, a newcomer in 17 years, Akita city headquarters

Women's basketball W League announced on April 4 that Prestige International Alan Mare will join from the 21-22 season.

It is the first time in 17 years since Toyota Boshoku entered in 2004. The W League will be contested by 13 teams after two seasons.

Alan Mare was founded in 15 years. Based in Akita City, it was ranked third in the 19th Adult League [Tohoku League]. Upon entering the market, it was evaluated that the financial base was strong.

On the team's official website, “The only goal I have ever had since joining the W League was the participation from the Tohoku region,” he said. "We will continue to carry out our activities with the aim of becoming a "rooted in the community" team that encourages the community with the power of sports and further encourages everyone."

Yujizo Kojima, general manager and head coach, revealed to the site that he was “greatly surprised and anxious, and even though he was a little hopeful,” captain Mahoko Kuoka said, “I'm still weak, but Kojima head coach. Under the guidance of, the team will work as one and do their best."

Prestige International [Headquarters: Tokyo], which manages the team, is a company that handles road assist work.

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