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Women's Career Plan 1st Five Things Career Women Should Think

Marriage, childbirth, relocation, nursing care-There are as many opportunities to rethink “working style” in life. And the reality is that there are overwhelmingly many women on the side to review.

According to the “Basic Survey on Employment Structure in 2017 (Performed Every 5 Years)” published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications last year (*), working women aged 25 to 39 reached a record high of 75.7%. Looking at the real numbers, the number of employed women has almost doubled since 1956. Although the number of working women has increased and female managers and leaders are not uncommon, there are still unique career barriers.

When we continue our career, we may be able to prepare and avoid it by assuming the “wall” in advance, rather than thinking after hitting the wall. So here are five things that career women should think about.

(1) Think about your skills

Have you ever dealt with your skills properly? Unless you are going to change jobs, you may not bother to inventory your experiences and skills. Even during company evaluation interviews, it's not an inventory of detailed skills. So, first, let's organize your career and experience. Visualizing your strengths and weaknesses will open up future career options and possibilities.

(2) Know your current location and think about your ideal career and destination

Let's think about what is your “ideal career” and “destination” from your “present location” that you have seen through inventory. Do you draw your career on the extension of your current field / skill? Will you strengthen other skills and expand your career domain? There are endless choices.

(3) Know the “options” for proceeding to the “destination” and think about how to proceed reliably

Once you ’ve decided on your destination, think about how you ’re going. Whether you take a shortcut or take a detour, it is the same to get to your destination. So what kind of path should you take to get closer to your ideal career? Know the options to get to your destination and think about how to proceed reliably.

(4) Think about your ideal work style

Let's think about your own work-life balance not only for the immediate future but also for whether you can continue your current work style when looking at the next five or ten years. If it is not realistic to continue the current way of working, what kind of work can be continued? Predicting the life events that can happen to you in the future should show you the best life model and form of employment to the skills you need to refine.

(5) Thinking about “walls” that may come in the future

Currently, the average age of first birth is 30.7 years old. It's an era when millennials are starting to become parents. Childbirth in the thirties, where late marriage has progressed, is a time that overlaps with the expansion of the scope of responsibility, such as career advancement, and the timing of career advancement for both couples often overlaps. In addition to raising children, there are various turning points for life events such as husband transfers and family care.

By knowing in advance about the “wall” that you might visit someday, you can think about a workaround by being aware of it.

From the next time, I will explain these carefully.

(*) From the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau "2017 Survey on Employment Structure"

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