Women's V1 semifinal, first match against Denso Okayama

Four teams participating in the semifinals of the Volleyball Women's V-League Division 1 [V1] have met in Tokyo on the 24th. DENSO, Saitama Ageo, JT and Okayama Seagulls captains and key players who have won the playoffs will attend. Tomorrow, he strongly stated his aspirations for the game to be held at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium in Tokyo.

Each league match started in October last year, and a total of eight teams have advanced to the playoffs. The group was divided into two groups and played a round robin, with the top two teams winning the semifinals.

In the first match of Tomorrow, Denso and Okayama Seagulls will fight. "The first stage after joining the club, supporting the team as captain," said Denso captain Yurie Nabeya, 26, selected as the World Cup Women's Japan National Team. Okayama Seagulls captain Ayumi Kawashima [29] said, "We will meet the expectations of Okayama for their support."

In the second game, JT and Saitama Ageo will play. JT captain Mako Obata [27] said, "I'll get the points I need to be sure of." Saitama Ageo's captain Misaki Inoue [25] was keen to say, "If you come this far, you will win for the victory."

On the 26th, the third place match and the final will be held.

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