Women's wrestling Kawai and Minagawa to strengthen the power to push in the sumo club

The wrestling Tokyo Olympics women's team “joins” the sumo club. In the middle of this month, women's 57-kilometer Riko Kawai [25 = Japan Beverage] and 76-kilometer class Hiroe Minagawa [32 = Culinap] will practice at the Japan Sumo Club. On the 9th, Hideo Hatakeyama Women's Reinforcement Chairman [51] revealed.

The World Championship [September] Silver Medal Minagawa said that he was keenly aware that he lacked the power to put pressure on overseas forces and that he wanted to train with sumo. Called on four women's job candidates, and Kawai Rin also participated. Borrow the chest around the female members.

The four will miss the All Japan Championship in December and prepare for next summer with a long-term plan. The chairman said, “I want to experience it first, and continue to continue regularly if I feel it is necessary.” Women's wrestling is markedly improved worldwide. The Japanese team at the World Championship ended with only one gold since 2012, except for the non-Olympic class. In order to continue to raise the “house craft” signboard, we will strive to strengthen our greed.

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