Wonders of people who keep household accounts become naze or poor

◆ Is the person without a household account book high in money literacy?
Can you believe that household accounts are a tool to become poor? However, in reality, the more people around me, the poorer the household account, the less carefree the rich earners.

There are people who can not judge whether it is necessary or unnecessary unless they have a household account book, those who can not grasp the balance, and those who can judge whether it is necessary or unnecessary without such things, and those who know how much it is safe to use Because, there is a difference in financial literacy [money knowledge].

Of course, if you decide to "reform your household now!", It will be effective to find out what you are spending on money and make the "visualization of your household" effective.

For example, what I was wasting unknowingly, what was said to be unnecessary, membership fees drawn from my account without using it, contracted for many years and did not review high prices Because you can notice the existence of communication costs.

However, even if you keep a household account every month, if you notice for the first time that you have used too much this month or that you have been spending a lot of money this month, you have no control over your desires. Also, attaching a household account every day does not mean that you can use more money.

If "If you keep a household account for one year, you will get 1 million yen", you will be glad. However, if the take-over is determined to be 300,000 yen per month, no matter how much time and effort is put into managing it, the usable money is 300,000 yen.

I'm taking my time to keep a household account book. But the money does not increase. Rather, you just save money by buying a commercial household account book.

Spending money on WNC ideas
Therefore, I will introduce the idea of ​​"WNC". It looks like this:

W: People who don't save money spend their money on what they want [WANT].
N: People who save money spend money on "needs" [NEED].
C: People who increase their money spend their money on “CHANGE”.

Even if you think you want W [want], try to use it so that it becomes N and C. In that way, we will pursue how to spend money that satisfies all three factors.

In other words, if you want, look for "why you need it". Also, think about how to use it to change yourself. For example, suppose I wanted a laptop [W]. Then think as follows.

・ Can you tell why it is necessary [N]?
→ It is an important weapon for me who often goes out and writes texts and proposals.

・ Can it be linked to one's own change [C]?
→ Projects made with this weapon move people, goods and money, and lead themselves to new business areas, thus bringing change.

The same goes for overseas travel. It is WANT in the sense that you want to visit your first place, and NEED in the sense of finding investment opportunities and business stories. Then CHANGE? The first place is to touch a world that isn't in me, and to expand my values.

In other words, it changes your thoughts and ideas. So spending OK! It is logic.

Is it a bit forcible? But in that way, always thinking about finding a WNC for yourself eliminates unnecessary spending, and all the investment becomes an investment, and the idea is to always get a return that exceeds the expense.

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