“Wood Design Awards, 2019″the top award-winning 29-point presentation forest resources, new possibilities of light

Japan is a land area of approximately 3 minutes of 2 to 2500 million ha is forested,the world’s leading forest country. Of that group, 500 million ha and forest plantations is,in General the main rotation periods that are 50 years beyond that. This rich forest resource use and forestry industry faced many challenges, revitalizing not only the economy of our country too,a big plus, and at no time did it give me any problems

In the meantime, this year for the 5th”Wood Design Awards, 2019″for the top prize and the top award 29 points 11 on May 20 announced. Wood Design Award,Wood use and promotion purpose, Wood and rediscovering the value that products and initiatives, especially about the excellent of the consumer’s perspective to evaluate and award a new award scheme. This year total 413 points of entry there were.

The glorious Grand Prize”Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award”in the shining of Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. 〈8802〉by”Japan’s first mid-to high-rise timber hybrid building technique for realizing a demonstration”only.

This is the low-rise buildings but has been used only a wood structure member for mid-to high-rise buildings use timber use new possibilities of finding the so. The first domestic high-rise 10-storey condominium construction in steel structure partially lignification. Wooden hybrid structural performance and fire resistance performance, livability and living in the hands of the safety and convenience of the technology validation, as well as shortening the construction period by cost benefits realized. Also, this can be cultivated through various techniques in fields other than residential housing to take advantage of that you can from building comprehensive initiatives as the big ratings.

Award of excellence”by the forestry Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan Minister’s prize,”is a lifestyle departments from 3 points, a heartful design Department from 6 points of work chosen. None of the conventional wood using the application of one of the frame and a flexible approach to the man of the forest resources, the possibility of according to but,it in the lifestyle Department of the 2 piece is eye-catching ones.

Custom-built wooden housing, hand Co., Ltd. Acura home the award for the construction industry, not the wood products field. Japan wooden building, which had been nurtured in the traditional Cannaregio sharpener of techniques,”domestic thinning wood straw”was. Cedar and Cypress, such as domestic wood from forest thinning a thickness of 0. 15mm to slice your own technique in winding up. Design beautiful and functional. However, global waste plastic problem・take off plastic flow of the receiving point are also highly regarded. Forestry thinning is an essential task. However, thinning is a 1 ton 8000 yen sold at low prices, in reality, industrial decline is one of the causes of, and it has also been referred to as the. The company’s Wood of wood 1 from 74 million of Can we can produce, cedar, cypress, as well as pine and maple, cherry etc,various regional material applied soon. G20 大阪会議, such as the international scene and used from all over the world also attracted attention to a product, only to future development, it depends not only in Japan but all over the world have used likely to be. If that happens, thinning the value of increases, of course, the revitalization of the forestry industry in the lead.

Moreover, the same lifestyle sector in award-winning,edge tree Yarn Project”the trees born from the mystery fabric”is also interesting. This is the wood chips into particles and fibers is processed into various fabric products to be produced. Excellent absorbent and quick drying, odor resistant,lightly or not this is a feature in the home, washing is possible. Japan’s new organic products, as this attracts attention from it. Also, cedar,cypress, Zelkova, such as diverse species from the production for forestry workers, as well as consumers to appeal easy. Consumers in the eyes of new wood, the use of good examples as expected.

Also,the top winning 29 points, both highly original products,timber use new possibilities of it anyway. These works are 12 on 5 days from 7 days to”Tokyo Big site”to be held in Japan’s largest environmental exhibition,”eco-project 2019″installed in”Wood Design Awards, 2019 Special Booth”in the year history. Japan’s Forestry and wood utilization of a bright future to feel the man. (Editor in charge:藤原伊織)

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