Words telling about Amazon It turned out that unfortunate news was being broadcast on 10 different TV stations


Words telling about Amazon It turned out that unfortunate news was being broadcast on 10 different TV stations

It has been confirmed that eight employees died in Amazon's new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), and what kind of safety measures Amazon is taking at the stock meeting held on May 27 AboutExpected to be required to present a report.. Meanwhile, it became clear that "news telling about Amazon's efforts" was released on 10 local TV stations in the sight of the stock general meeting.

WATCH: 10 Local TV Stations Pushed the Same Amazon-Scripted Segment

COVID-19 epidemic caused lockdowns in many countries and increased demand for Amazon, but on the other hand, employees are worried that Amazon's warehouse is not adequately infected. Was up.

Confessing the fear that Amazon's warehouse worker faces in the new coronavirus pandemic-GIGAZINE

Under such circumstances, some employees actually died from COVID-19, and it was also reported that employees who sought safety measures were dismissed. In France, inadequate safety measures forced the temporary Amazon warehouse to close.

Amazon temporarily closed the French warehouse, because the new corona virus countermeasure was insufficient-GIGAZINE

Although Amazon had many problems under the COVID-19 epidemic, it was revealed that different regional television stations in the United States reported "the same contents and images about Amazon" as news before the general meeting of stocks. You can see how the newscaster read the exact same sentence in different programs and the same video was played from the following movie.

11 Local TV Stations Pushed the Same Amazon-Scripted Segment-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

A newscaster tells the program "News 13" that "millions of Americans at home rely on Amazon."

Immediately after that, the caster of the show "LEX18" now delivers the exact same sentence, "Millions of Americans at home rely on Amazon."

In other news, I read aloud sentences word by word, and when I synthesized the images, the chorus of "Millions of Americans at home relying on Amazon" sounded.

The sentence “ Amazon has transferred operations to protect employees from COVID-19 while delivering packages to consumers, '' although the word sequence and word selection are slightly different, the same content is still read in multiple news It is being done.

If you listen to the different news four times in a row, you can clearly see that the same sentence is intentionally flowed.

It was also highlighted that overtime work of $ 800 million was paid during the pandemic.

The programs that broadcast the above Amazon news are as follows.

・ WTVG-ABC, Toledo, Ohio
・ WGXA-ABC, Macon, Georgia
・ WTVJ-NBC, Miami, Florida
· WKRN-ABC, Nashville, Tennessee
・ WLEX-NBC, Lexington, Kentucky (2 broadcasts)
· WVVA-NBC, Bluefield, West Virginia
・ WTVM-ABC, Columbus, Georgia (2 broadcasts)
・ KMIR-NBC, Palm Springs, CA (3 times)
· WBTW-CBS, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
・ WOAY-ABC, Bluefield, West Virginia (2 broadcasts)

Many people have criticized the situation where a TV station reports the content handed by Amazon as news. At the time of article creation, Amazon public relations Mr. Todd Walker created and passed it to the news program(PDF file)Script contentsIn addition, several television stations have confirmed that Amazon provided the video.

Wes Armstead, WVVA News Director, was asked to comment on Amazon's news coverage, "I didn't know this package came from Amazon. Be careful not to ever do this again. I will do it. "

Amazon's public relations also acknowledge that the text and video were created and distributed to Business Wire, which distributes corporate news releases. On the other hand, “We welcome reporters to join us, and this has caused misleading. We have internal policies that take health and safety into account, and we focus on that policy. I created a video that I guessed, but I did not intend this to fall into the hands of a reporter who did not participate in the media tour, '' the public relations announced and thought that the video was intentionally broadcast to the TV station. Is denied.

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