Work reform, 7% of companies in the overtime reduce any overtime minutes employees reduction companies 5%

By 2019 4 months from working to reform related laws were successively enacted,large companies are already in overtime to the upper limit of the regulation has been introduced,small businesses have also this year 4 months from the introduction says.

This overtime regulations about the outcome of the last 12 to March 31, the Nikkei newspaper are”working to reform was reduced overtime”to employees reduction without the”5 percent”and published an article. This article is from the Sankei newspaper last year and 9 in March the domestic main enterprise of the managers subject to the overtime regulations are introduced after 4 months~6 months of overtime on the status of the investigation was based on the results of the written one.

6, this article is about the industrial medical service of the Dragon and the survey results data for further calculation again for the report announced.

According to reports,the title of the article is to reduce overtime work results of employees reduction of 5% of the companies in the remaining 5% is the reduction that gives the impression of,as a result of recalculation,the employee to return to the company the proportion of the whole 4. 8%of this and that.

The content of the calculation is seen by survey respondents are 145 companies, our overtime was reduced and % of respondents 50 companies have become. That is, overtime regulations since the introduction of overtime is reduced by the percentage of firms is 34. 5%to just 65. 5% of the company overtime is not reduced, say to.

In the article the title of the 5% is what the calculation from the LED. Overtime was reduced and responses for the 50 companies of our employees in some way benefits for companies 7 companies in overtime was reduced and the firms of 14%only.

The Nikkei article in this 7 company in addition to the implementation of the companies you are considering 11 companies combined for 18 companies the reduction was carried out,or carried out of the companies you are considering and being. This 18 companies of reduction to see a breakdown of that bonus to Plus is 4 companies, the basic salary to plus and various allowance together 3 companies, and a total of 10 companies in the overtime decrease in minutes of filling to do do consider companies that have been. This 18 out of the 10 companies the proportion of 55. 6%of the Nikkei article, the title of the 5% of the mean, and reports have speculated.

Actually employees to return companies 7 companies in responding companies, a total of 145 companies from which is,that the proportion of the 4. 8%after that. The report is a statistically confidence interval of 95% when set to 4. 8%figure is 5% smaller than a rejection of all the numbers in the Nikkei survey data from employees”on the reduction Company Is Not Out”interpreted that the degree of conclusion.

Productivity results from the viewpoint of overtime regulations result almost does not manifest itself the situation seems. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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