Working mother of telework pioneer, 15 practical know-how

拡 大 There is concern about the spread of the new coronavirus worldwide. On February 27, Prime Minister Abe announced that he had requested elementary and junior high schools and high schools nationwide to close from March 2. In order to monitor children at home and avoid crowded trains, it is urgently necessary for people in industries and occupations that can telework to actively switch to a work style that does not come to work.

CCMS platform for website constructionMovable TypeSix Apart is offering EBO (Independence through Employee Acquisition) in the summer of 2016.SAWS(Six Apart Working Style) started. The office has been relocated to a small office with about 10 seats, and all employees pay a uniform 15,000 yen / month for telework allowance, which does not require application, using floating costs such as rent. At the end of 2019, the company received the Tokyo "Smooth Biz Promotion Award" and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "100 Telework Pioneers Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award".

働 く From the beginning of February, I received many consultations on working from home for my writer who worked in Six Apart. He has three and a half years of teleworking, and as a working mother, he added the hashtag "#Rimowanouhau" on Twitter in order to deliver practical know-how that is as realistic as possible to as many people as possible.Continuous TweetsStarted. These know-hows include not only those of the author, but also those of Six Apart employees who have been working from home for three and a half years. In this article, I will introduce 15 of the tweets that are likely to be useful to many people.

Six Apart Public Relations / Kaori Kotobuki, Editor-in-Chief of Six Apart Blog (right)

The author of this article, Mr. Kaori Kotobuki, editor of Six Apart's blog / Six Apart Blog (right)

Time management

● Start work early and finish early
な ら If you don't have to go to the office, get ready in the morning and you won't have time to move. If so, you should be able to start work faster than usual. He starts his heavy work in the morning with a clear head and a lot of motivation.

And if you start your work early, end it early. The point is to decide the expected closing time at the beginning of work. If you've been sitting all the time during your work, it's a good idea to move around while you're floating. Exercise while watching muscle training videos, as well as cleaning and cleaning up.

ア パ ー ト Since the work style of SAWS has started, the working hours of Six Apart employees have also been advanced. It is common that Slack is active at 8 o'clock.

● Determine a routine from when you get up to when you start working
と I would like to be able to make my own routine to get up in the morning and start my own engine, such as taking a shower, drinking hot water, eating breakfast, changing clothes, etc.

Working from home is often decided by yourself and has a high degree of freedom, but it consumes your decision-making power. Just as Steve Jobs wore the same clothes every day, the trick is to decide on a routine to get to work and repeat it every day.

● Let's make time to concentrate on the timer
Originally, homes are places of relaxation. There are many things that distract from concentration, such as beds, televisions and games.

The author attaches a timer and decides to concentrate on the task until the timer sounds. And when the timer sounds, take a break for a certain time. This is the so-called Pomodoro technique (* work can be accomplished by repeating intensive work for a short time).

The timer may be a kitchen timer, an app, or a smart speaker.

Work environment

● Let's consider the arrangement of PCs that can work in a good posture
た め Because I came to work from home in a hurry, I think there are many people who work with laptops on dining tables and kotatsu. The posture of curling back and neck and looking into it is surprisingly tired. In particular, when working at home all day, the same posture is assumed for a long time.

上 げ Raise your notebook PC to the height of your line of sight with a magazine or adjust the height of the chair with a cushion, and try to adjust as much as possible. If you have an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, use them aggressively.

● If it's an in-house meeting, consider an audio conference instead of just a video
会議 For meetings with regular members, isn't audio calling and screen sharing sufficient, regardless of video? Let's go ahead with work rather than fix the background and no makeup face.

It is also recommended that you attach a masking tape to the front camera of your notebook PC. Even if the video is accidentally turned on during an online meeting, you can rest assured that nothing will be displayed if the tape is attached. It's easy because you only need to peel off the masking tape when making a video appearance during an online meeting with someone outside the company.

● Let's use smart speakers
Since you can talk to the speaker without hesitation when you are at home, you can use it as a secretary. It is convenient to check timers, calculators, dictionaries, schedules, reminders, alarms, weather, etc. It's best to stay focused on the screens and apps you're working on on your PC, because you can do business with just your voice.

Communicate with the team

● Let's try low-context transmission
We work in teams, even if we are in different locations. When posting to a text chat or in-house information sharing tool, clarify the subject predicates, moderate the abbreviations, and try to send polite messages that will not cause misunderstanding. The point is to make it easy for newcomers and other team members to read and understand.

● Let's get a good sense of distance from colleagues
Colleagues are not friends, but members of the same team. Rather than meeting face to face daily, you can be stress-free if you can just chat and talk about work.

● Thank the IT department
ITThanks to the IT department, you can connect to your company network securely and work from home. They always maintain, so they are always connected. It also responds to troubles such as the PC not starting. Thank you to the power behind the scenes, not only when something happens, but also when you can use it without incident.

Family, children

● Let's talk about plan to family
共有 Share your work schedule and rules with your family. Telecommuting days, daily schedules, rules for when you want to talk during work, etc. It's also important to know the time of the online meeting. It doesn't just mean "I want you to be quiet for a while." In my home, when my family used a microwave oven, the breaker went down, and the line was forcibly disconnected during a conversation. Later, a tag was put on the range saying "Don't use during conference calls."

● It is difficult to work where children are
娘 The daughter of my 5th grade elementary school constantly asks me questions, consultations and requests. It doesn't work. So, when my daughter comes back from school and goes to play, cram school and learning, I stop working and talk to my daughter. It is an important time to listen to her story while watching the way home from school. Until she goes out and comes back, it's time to work again.

● Let's concentrate on cafe work with children
When children have homework and parents have a lot of work, they often switch to cafe work by themselves. "I'll do my homework because I'll buy tapioca. I'll do my best too!" And persuade them to bring only what they need for their work. In a cafe, two people reluctantly side by side.

Refreshment, ethosetra

● Remote pressure increases
When working from home, the challenge to achieve results and the results are evaluated, rather than “working seriously at work”. However, it should be the same whether you are in the office or not.

Because you can't see yourself, keep your progress reports in mind. Let's not miss our efforts to build a trusting relationship just because we are far away.

● Let's prepare delicious coffee and tea
あ れ ば If you have good coffee beans and tea, now it's time to carefully brew and drink. Feel free to drink whatever you like at home. Many Six Apart employees also stick to coffee and tea. The time to prepare for a tea time is perfect for a change.

● There are times when it doesn't work out whether it's at home or at the office


連 続 We will continue to provide continuous tweets on how to work from home.

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