Working out, the weight of the hall is popular, the reason is

And apparel manufacturers of the feeling from the show that Prudence Hall. Founded in 1924[Taisho 13 years], current President of the establishment in 1960 [Showa 35 years]. Networking software[workwear・work clothes]・medical white coat of the leading and introduced. You can weight the hall to the”buzz of the industry”to push up the factors,casual popular. Currently the company has 12 brands. Below.

【Here】Working down the weight of the temple for the EC to focus on the translation

[I] the Chow download: core brands. The network software.

[II]website: the young generation of the working, and the advantage arises for casual wear.

[III]The Dragon: generations and gender beyond stylish&casual brands[for 2015 launch].

[IV]Mr. Hook: Point low price&cut[cloth weaving not knitting] products. Work clothes, winter clothes/Polo shirt・high neck.

[V]model size class: weight Hall the origin of the brand. 1 the・2 the industrial the field work began,the work software.

[VI]Code Project: corporate uniform.

[VII]air conditioned clothing: the recent big news items. The lower mounting for 2 units of small fans in clothes in the open air, send the sweat to evaporate・vaporize summer of work to be comfortable with the product brand.

[VIII]safety shoes: hard working people for secure footwear. Design from the casual shoes is also a popular reduction.

[IX]at the scene of the game I: “on the ground”series to be deployed in work shoes.

[X]the scene of Ryo: “on the ground”Part 2 of the series. Work shoes upper[upper] portion of the material is total mesh. Prevent stuffiness.

[XI]white cells: the medical and welfare field work in the worker’s medical software.

[XII] non-brand: low price casual clothing shopping limited brand.

In short”just work clothes・work clothes”companies is not. “Casual”and OK. Air conditioning clothes iconic like the”idea rich”. And so overlap the topic of the companies have been in yours.

This spoke to me. G-SQUARE and the tenant is Ueno Okachimachi to you. Owner the”tenant’s voice as much as possible to reflect the building management essential”with Japanese people. Regularly take a survey to improve the early members have.

Questionnaire and”favorability higher”in the ranking of”entry”, such as common areas for cleanliness. 2 people part-time employee is cleaning engaged. 金一封 with a certificate of appreciation was passed.

At the same time fashion through the wife because of the idea of”not flashy, but casual also feel the uniforms changed”. Wife because have to purchase new uniforms is the weight of the purchased stuff. “Workers of the Were”and the owner are willing.

Before the 6 month period 11. A 5% increase in sales of 12. 2%of operating profit. Materials and products transportation of part of the sea from the air changing and aging equipment repair・demolition・reset, began to undertake”stock prediction system”the initial cost of the impact……… Evolution of costs for that.

Popular companies that are”安座 not”just. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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