Works specification is the classic of the old car custom! Two Skyline 2000 GT 1

There are many "standard" in the world, but it also exists in old car custom. In Hakosuka, the change to the exterior GT-R specification is very popular, but for those who want to pursue more riding, the form of the works racer who played an active part in the touring car race at the time seems to be the best model .

巨大 A huge oil cooler is set on the front face, which is bumperless. The lights are hidden by a racing jacket, and the chin spoiler adds even more power. Then, set the thick tires that are strong, the over fenders to cover them, and the wings on the trunk, and the works racer will be completed. At that time, the pursuit of speed resulted in this form, but because of its macho coolness, it has now become established as a style.

2The two Hakosukas introduced here are both finished with Works specifications. Although the specifications are different in the details, the concept of having arrived at this style for circuit driving is common.

Reproduces the most popular “Semi-Works” specification for Works Hakosuka.

The final works fender that overhangs is a powerful “full works” specification. Like the semi-works specification above, the stickers affixed to the body also reproduce the style at the time.

Nostalgic SPEED vol.002 November 2013 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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