Works Z has just revived! 240240ZG running through Fuji's straight line | Fairlady 240ZG 3

It is said that Ichinose himself made the garage. In addition, it seems that a lift was installed in the garage to install the mission.

"I'm just starting to run, so I haven't got any time yet, but I'm trying to reduce the setting with a goal of 2 minutes and 10 seconds," says Ichinose. The 240ZG, which runs through the straight line of Fuji with a unique exhaust sound, is exactly the works Z that has been revived in modern times.

The steering wheel has been changed to a φ345mm made by RS Mach with a thicker grip. By the way, the race option at that time was φ380mm.

The speedometer was changed to 300 km / h full scale for Nismo Silvia, and the tachometer was changed to a mechanical 12,000 rpm meter made by Smith. The tachometer's spy needle points around 6800 rpm.

The indicator mounted on the steering column indicates the gear of the sequential transmission. "0" in the photo is neutral.

The self-made roll cage and RECARO full bucket are exactly circuit specifications.

The right side of the triple meter is changed to A / F meter. The console is equipped with Defi water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature x 2 and Kameari fuel pressure gauge. A large number of floor tunnels are processed for sequential shifts.

A collector tank equipped with an in-tank fuel pump is installed behind the driver's seat. The piping to the fuel tank is also beautiful.

An oil tank and a catch tank for the dry sump will be installed behind the passenger seat.

Kazu Ichinose [Yamanashi Prefecture]

"I can do what I can," says owner Ichinose. At one point, he seemed interested in jet skiing and motorcycles, but after seeing his friends running on the Fuji Speedway, he was eagerly inspired. It seems that he had to reassemble the mission and other parts for the circuit.

73 year model Nissan Fairlady 240ZG [HS30]Exterior: FRP bonnet, fender, rear gate [acrylic rear window made by Jikken Giken], original front spoiler
● Drive system: Holinger 6-speed sequential transmission [H6S] / OS Giken twin plate clutch / R200 differential + LSD [OS Giken 1.5WAY / Final 4.1] / R32GT-R propeller shaft machining diversion
● Undercarriage: Aragosta front and rear harmonic drive [front 7㎏ / ㎜, rear 6㎏ / ㎜] / full pillowball / front and rear camber 4 degrees
Brake: F: 4-pot caliper for Ferrari F40 x φ322 mm ventilated disc / R: 2-pot caliper for R33 Skyline GT-R & side brake caliper for Ferrari x φ300 mm disc
● Tires: Advan A050 225 / 45R16
● Wheel: Pana Sport G7 16 × 9J / 16 × 9.5J
● Interior: Original roll cage / Recaro full bucket seat / Willans 4-point full harness / Mach steering / NISMO S15 30015 / h speedometer / Smith 12000rpm tachometer / Defi additional meter [water temperature, oil temperature × 2, oil pressure] / Kameari fuel pressure gauge / Innovate A / F meter / AP racing brake balancer / Dry sump oil tank / Fuel collector tank / Floor tunnel processing

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Nostalgic SPEED vol.003 March 2014 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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