World Olympics Yumi Kajiwara first selected to announce the Truck Olympics

The Japan Bicycle Federation held an online conference on the 4th and announced six men and women from the Tokyo Olympic Bicycle Track Japan, which were postponed to next year.

Yumi Kajiwara [23=University of Tsukuba], who won the first gold medal in Japanese women's history at this year's World Championship Omnium, was selected as the Olympic representative for the first time.

In the men's short-distance, this year's World Championship Keirin Gin Yuta Wakimoto [31 = Japan Bicycle Rider Association] and last year's World Championship Keirin Gin Yuta Nitta [34 = Japan Bicycle Rider Association] were selected and originated in Japan. Aiming for a gold medal at Keirin.

The men have won short-distance Keirin and Sprint, the medium-distance Omnium third, and the women have short-distance Keirin, Sprint and medium-distance Omnium and Madison.

Initially, it was planned to announce the national team players by May 1, but the announcement was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

▽Men's short distance

Yuta Wakimoto [31 = Japan Bicycle Player Association]

Yuta Nitta [34]

▽Men's middle distance

Hideya Hashimoto [26 = same]

▽Women's short distance

Yuka Kobayashi [26 = same]

▽Medium distance for girls

Yumi Kajiwara [23=University of Tsukuba]

Nakamura Hitomo [27 = Japanese photo judgment]

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