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Xbox Game Pass set, xCloud controller and clip included with Galaxy Note 20 purchase privilege-Engadget Japan version


From the Unpacked announcement event of the new smartphone Galaxy Note20. Samsung will offer a bundled set of Xbox Game Pass flat-rate game service and Bluetooth controller, and a clip that combines the smartphone and controller as a privilege to be selected when purchasing the Galaxy Note20.

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<p>Xbox Game Pass is a flat-rate game service developed by Microsoft. More than 100 games from popular titles to new titles will be played as much as you want, especially Microsoft series such as Halo, Gears, Forza, Minecraft receive the point that new titles can be played from the release date, more than 10 million people join the world It is a pillar of Microsoft's gaming business.</p>
<p>Traditionally, it was a service to download and play games on Xbox One and PC, but since September 15, Microsoft has provided "Cloud Gaming" as a beta function that allows you to stream the same game on smartphones and tablets in 22 regions around the world plans. The technical codename at the time of development was Project xCloud.</p>
<p><a href=Cloud game xCloud started on September 15th in 22 countries, excluding Japan. No additional cost for subscribers with full Xbox Game Pass

Since you can play the continuation of games that you played on your game console or gaming PC at home on your mobile device, you can use it with 5G for high-speed, large-capacity communication and smartphones and tablets with large-screen, high-quality displays. It is a compatibility service.

Microsoft, which does not have its own smartphone (has made a terrible failure to try), has a full tie-up with Samsung other than games, and this time also announced that it will offer the Xbox Game Pass app to Samsung's Galaxy Store doing.

Handwriting of Galaxy Notes can now be synchronized with OneNote. Achieved through a collaboration between Samsung and MS

"Copy and paste synchronization" is possible with Windows 10 and smartphone, compatible with Galaxy S20 etc.

In other words, even if you do not have an Xbox One or a gaming PC at home, you can play more than 100 games compatible with Xbox Game Pass cloud games like a smartphone game as long as you have a smartphone and a controller (and a high-speed large capacity line) I will.

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<p>As a reservation privilege for Note20, we prepared a mobile game device maker PowerA's Xbox licensed Bluetooth controller MOGA XP5-X, a clip that combines Note20, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (about $15 per month) subscription for 3 months.</p>
<p>It is positioned as one of the "selectable reservation privilege" options, where you can get "Samsung Credit" worth $200 when you make a reservation and consume it to convert to subscription rights for streaming video services and music services.</p>
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In response to the game path support for cloud games from September, game accessory manufacturers have announced licensed game clips and compatible Bluetooth controllers.

The image on the left is 8BitDo SN30 Pro (controller and clip set), which is known as a controller compatible with retro-style controllers and retro-reproduced game consoles, and the center is Razer Kishi (designed for Xbox version) which was the Best of CES award-winning smartphone controller in the center. , With 14 days Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription). The right end is PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus, which can be selected as a Galaxy reservation privilege.

A few years ago, Microsoft has made a major shift in its gaming business policy, and has made it possible to play in-house games that were previously a weapon used to guide the game to in-house games on PCs or even on platforms of other companies depending on the title.

With the addition of cloud game functions to the game path, it became possible to play without the need for an Xbox or a gaming PC, and finally, the strategy of enclosing a physical game platform made in-house, using a company's own services and contents regardless of device, From the gamers who buy devices dedicated to games, it becomes clear that they are all potential customers if they have a smartphone or a minimum of PCs.

"Xbox competition is Google and Amazon" Nintendo and Sony are no longer in place, Microsoft executives say

Sony and MS partner with cloud gaming. Is DL speed of PS4 improved, too?

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