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Xbox Series X, initially released for two years, has no MS-only title. Coexist with previous generation hardware-Engadget Japan

A major influence on the sales of new game consoles is the exclusive title of the first party [manufacturer that manufactures and sells game consoles] that can only be played with the hardware. It can be said that software that runs only on the latest game consoles, such as the "Gran Turismo" series for successive PlayStations and the "HALO" series for the Xbox, has become a decisive factor when buying a console itself.

But Xbox's first-party title maker, Microsoft Studio's top Matt Booty, said that the company will launch all games over the next two years.Next-generation game console Xbox Series XIt is not exclusive, but states that it will be playable on the Xbox family [the previous model Xbox One]. MCV / Develop, a UK game trade magazine, was held in London late last yearXbox Festival Event X019Said that he had an interview with Bootyt at the meeting. He talks about how the 15 in-house development teams mentioned at the moment are working and how the Series X plan is going.

The most notable of these is what kind of game software development is progressing toward the release date of Xbox Series X. According to Booty, "We will be able to play the content we send out over the next two years on both high-end and low-end devices in the same family as PC games." In other words, if the game is a Windows PC game, either the minimum operating environment or the recommended operating environment will work as expected.

Booty added, “ Even if someone buys Xbox hardware between now and [Series X], they want to make sure they feel they have made a good investment and that we are making content for them. That's the explanation. " Even after the release of Xbox Series X, software will continue to be supplied for past models, but if you switch to Series X, you will be able to carry over the purchased software.

At least MS also says that there is little initial pressure on third-party publishers to create a dedicated title for the Xbox Series X, which has a relatively low volume. In other words, it can be said that MS is trying to rewrite the rule of the past that "special titles will be available at the same time as the launch of a new game console."

Of course, MS intends to develop a title that maximizes the potential of Xbox Series X. "Our approach is to pick one or two IPs to take advantage of all the features and have them ready when the console launches. For us it will be Halo Infinite. This is a great opportunity "It seems quite likely that Booty will be willing to give the title generous features such as 8K resolution and variable refresh rates that are only available on the latest hardware.

Basically, the same software works regardless of whether it is a past model or the latest model. However, a new model has many functions that can benefit, and there is no stress in terms of speed. Older model users can purchase software with peace of mind and want to buy new hardware to unlock the potential of the software. There are business models close to gaming PCs and smartphones. Furthermore, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were also model cases.

If the line of each generation becomes thinner and software assets can be easily inherited, updating the hardware of game consoles may be as short as a smartphone.


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