Xiaomi launches 108 million pixel camera-equipped smartphone in Japan for 52,800 yen excluding tax

Xiaomi will hold a new product launch on December 9 in Japan as announced. The world's first Android smartphone “ Xiaomi Mi Note 10 '' equipped with a 108 million pixel camera, rice cooker with communication function linked with smartphone, wristwatch type activity meter “ Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 '', large Announced the launch of 5 series of mobile battery “10000 mAh Mi 18W Quick Charge Power Bank 3” and suitcase.

  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10 released in Japan for tax ¥ 52,800

"Xiaomi Mi Note 10" is an Android smartphone equipped with a total of 6 cameras: 5MP optics 5x, 12MP optics 2x, 108MP wide-angle camera, 20MP ultra-wide angle, 2MP macro, notch type in-camera. You can zoom in macro, ultra wide angle [0.6x], 1x, 2x, 5x, and zoom up to 50x [digital].

The processor is Snapdragon 730G for middle high, internal memory is 6GB, storage is 128G, and the screen size is about 6.47 inches [2,340 x 1,080]. The price is 52,800 yen without tax. The "Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro" with 8GB main camera and 8GB memory and 256GB storage will also be released at 64,800 yen, excluding tax.

There are three colors: Aurora Green, Glacier White, and Midnight Black. Reservation will be accepted on from 16:30 on December 9, and will be released on the 23rd.

  • Summary of Xiaomi Mi Note 10

  • A presentation

"Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4" is a wristwatch-type activity meter equipped with a 120 x 240 dot AMOLED display. You can display fitness statistics, message notifications, application notifications, music being played, etc. in conjunction with the smartphone app. It also has a 5ATM waterproof function. Battery capacity is 135mAh and can be driven for up to 20 hours under normal use. There are 5 colors. The price is 3,490 yen excluding tax. Reservation will be accepted from December 9, and will be released on on the 23rd.

"10000 mAh Mi 18W Fast Charging Power Bank 3" is a mobile battery equipped with 2 USB Type-A ports, 1 USB Type-C port, and 1 microUSB port. It supports dual input and dual output, and has a low-power charging mode. The color is silver and black. Available at within the year for 1,899 yen [excluding tax].

The rice cooker “Mi IH rice cooker” is a smart rice cooker that has a Wi-Fi function and can remotely operate a reserved rice cooker from a smartphone application. It is said that the 3mm thick inner pot can quickly heat the fire and heat it uniformly. It will be available on within the year for 9,999 yen.

In addition, a 20-inch metal carry-on suitcase will be introduced. It uses an aviation-grade aluminum magnesium alloy shell and a reinforced frame, and also has a TSA lock. The price is 17,900 yen excluding tax. The non-metal classic version will be sold at later this year for 7,999 yen.

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