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Xiaomi wearable "Mi Smart Band 4" released for 3490 yen

Xiaomi Japan announced that it will launch wearable device "Mi Smart Band 4 / Mi Band 4" in Japan. The price is 3490 yen [excluding tax] and will ship from December 23rd.

Xiaomi has announced a full-scale entry into the Japanese market on the 9th, and has also announced the launch of the first smartphone for Japan, "Mi Note 10."
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Mi Smart Band 4 is a band-type activity meter. In addition to Xiaomi smartphones, it is a product that can be linked to iPhones and Android smartphones from many manufacturers.

In addition to high cost performance, it features a color easy-to-read display and a nominal battery life of 20 days. The function as an activity meter is equipped with a heart rate sensor and also has a function to evaluate the depth of sleep.

In cooperation with smartphones, it is equipped with functions for notification of message apps including LINE and notification of incoming calls. It is possible to check the weather from the band. As an activity meter, it supports the measurement of all kinds of exercises such as cycling, running, swimming, etc., and the measurement results can be transferred to the iPhone health care app or Android Google Fit through the Mi Fit app.

The band uses a TPU material that has a low burden even when used for a long time. It is water resistant to 5 bar, which is said to be able to withstand water work, etc. [When measuring the amount of swimming activity, it is better not to use it for a long time].

The included band is black, but it can be replaced with a colorful band [sold separately] to create a tailoring according to the scene and clothes. The band width is 18mm and the arm circumference can be adjusted from 155 to 216mm.

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