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Xiaomi's opportunity to advance to Japan is “Assistance for carrier terminal purchase”


  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Xiaomi's latest smartphone [developed under the name Mi CC9 Pro in China]. In addition to the 108-megapixel camera, the camera is equipped with 5 ultra-wide-angle, telephoto, telephoto [portrait], and macro cameras on the back.

The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi [Xiaomi] has announced that it will move to Japan in 2020, but in this regard, there was an opportunity to meet Zhiyuan Zang, who is Xiaomi's marketing / vice general manager. I heard about the market.

The expansion into Japan was triggered by “changes in subsidies for career sales in Japan” and “the opportunity to challenge in the 5G era”. In particular, with regard to device purchase assistance, “there is little support for carrier device purchases [it seems to mean that the device discount associated with the line is limited to an upper limit of 20,000 yen], which has a big impact on the sales of high-end devices. We are assuming that it will bring If you are aiming for this as a winning machine, it seems likely that the terminal to be introduced in Japan is not the Xiaomi low-price line “Redmi” series, but the high-end line “Mi” series.

Xiaomi is studying the Japanese market ahead of entry. When asked if there were any devices or manufacturers that were interested in this market today, the answer was “There are no specific concerns”. The company's smartphone has a core user called Mi Fans, and there are 18 communities in the world. Suppose you are studying information gathering in the Japanese market while listening to information from Mi Fans.

Domestic sales date, sales channel, launch smartphone, etc. are undecided. We are currently collecting information, and we will announce specific information as soon as it is determined. Xiaomi is developing a wide range of products globally, not just smartphones, but also active mass meters, earphones, TVs, smart home appliances, but development other than smartphones in Japan is “ planned '' did.

Japanese users “many people pursue high quality, design and innovation for their products”. In Japan, of course, we wanted to increase the number of “Mi Fans” in Japan, and we wanted to deliver the joy of high technology [which is Xiaomi's philosophy].

What is Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Beijing, China. It is an emerging manufacturer established in 2010, and it is said that it is making products that are conscious of cost performance, especially "low price x high performance".

Xiaomi has been expanding overseas [outside China] for three years, but has not entered the Japanese market. For this reason, although it is still not well-known in Japan, it is a large manufacturer along with Huawei [2nd in the world] and OPPO [5th in the world]. Xiaomi is expanding its business into seven regions, and this time Asia is added as the eighth region. Japan is the largest market among them.

The latest product is the global launch of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with 5 smartphones including the world's first 108 million pixel camera on November 5th [no Japanese version]. The zoom performance is 2x optical, 5x optical, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom. The processor is Snapdragon 730G, the memory is 6GB, the storage is 128GB, and the storage is 128GB. In Europe, the price is 549 euros [about 66,000 yen for the base model], and the price is also reasonable.

  • Real machine of Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The display is 6.47 inches [2,340 x 1,080 dots]. The colors are green, white and black, and the back is processed like a mirror. In the photo, the front is green and the back is white

  • Edge is curved 3D glass. It is a product that focuses on product design. Although the terminal feels somewhat thick, the battery has a large capacity of 5,260 mAh. By installing a fingerprint authentication sensor in the display that is 88% thinner than a general fingerprint authentication sensor, it is possible to install a battery with that much capacity.

  • Mi Note 10 camera function [XiaomiProduct pageThan]. 5MP telephoto [5x optical, 10x hybrid, 50x digital zoom], 12MP telephoto [2x optical zoom, for portraits], 108MP super high resolution, 20MP super wide angle, 2MP macro

  • As shown in the photo above, the camera unit with 108 million pixels [third from the top] is the largest size with a large sensor of 1 / 1.33, but it does not feel the size on the product

  • Photo taken with a 108 million pixel camera [provided by Xiaomi. The equipment is the Chinese version of the Mi CC 9 Pro premium edition, the same as the global version of the Mi Note 10 Pro]. While listening to the story, there were scenes where you could see several pictures, but the details of the eyelids, texture, and scenery of the human eye were clearly expressed. [The above image was resized to 1,200 dots. Click to enlarge the image. , There is a button to display the full size photo below]

Xiaomi's advance into Japan is where we want to pay attention, including price range and product lineup. Regarding the impact of domestic entry, a study article by Masahiro Sano, a writer who is familiar with the smartphone industry situation "Xiaomi reveals its entry into the Japanese marketIf you are interested, this is also recommended.

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