Xward becomes an “English teacher” for a family working together! -Voices of participants in the electronic dictionary “Experiences who like English”

In preparation for 2020, when the elementary school English class curriculum will change dramatically, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., which develops the electronic dictionary “Exword” series, is actively holding electronic dictionary experience sessions for elementary school students.

On August 10th and 11th, the elementary school is in summer vacation, at AEON MALL Musashi Murayama"Experience meeting to like English"Was done.

  • Casio Computer held an “experience meeting for English lovers”. At AEON MALL Musashi Murayama

XWord to English teachers-Expectation of parents

At AEON MALL, which is crowded with parents and children during the summer vacation, an electronic dictionary experience called “Challenge“ Eigo Diary ”” was aimed at elementary school students.

Beginning by tracing the spelling of apple, banana, cherry, and lemon written on the “Eigo Diary” experience sheet from above, translating “zoo” into English using exwords, translating “park” into English, and simultaneously pronunciation English words hear. In addition, there are plenty of contents such as looking up a word with an excursion and writing an English diary with reference to a model.

There are elements that can be enjoyed like a quiz, and it has been designed to attract children's interests.

  • "Eigo diary experience sheet" where children challenged the word

I asked some parents who participated in the experience.

“For a family working together, the electronic dictionary is a great presence.”He talked about a woman with a child who was 7 years old (first grader) and 5 years old (kindergarten).

Although we are currently sending them to an English experience class,“By the time my upper child was in third grade, my brother's progress in learning English would change. But I don't have time to go to separate English classes.”I ’m going to talk about it.

It seems that there is an expectation that Xwords that contain content that corresponds to the learning level, such as beginner to advanced, can be used as learning materials for each level.

  • For brothers, Xwords are expected to replace English teachers

  • One of the strengths of XWord is that you can immediately confirm the native pronunciation.

The father of a girl in second grade“I originally wanted to buy one electronic dictionary for my children.That's it.

He explained the educational policy that he wanted to learn electronic dictionaries that he could learn how to use the dictionary with a paper dictionary, but he could quickly look up when he did not understand.

  • Some visitors of the experience meeting replied that they were just thinking about purchasing.

“(Children) can use tablet devices without hesitation at home, and I also like mobile game consoles. I'm still working happily, so as an introduction to learning English that is hard to catch up, I started using English as if I was playing games. I feel like thatSaid the mother of a boy in the third grade of elementary school.

  • It seemed like a good impression, "Even elementary school students can press the buttons."

  • First of all, if you are interested in games, the threshold for learning English will be lowered,

“Parents can be taught in mathematics, Japanese language, science, and society. However, they are not taught in English, and even in elementary school, some teachers may have different pronunciations. Isn't the electronic dictionary a good place? "Talked to the mother of a girl in third grade.

You can see that the family is serious about their English education.

  • Xward elementary school model. You can use it according to your learning level

By the way, in the English class curriculum starting in 2020, 3rd to 4th grade students are required to familiarize themselves with English mainly by listening and speaking.

You can listen to native pronunciation voices with a variety of content such as the English learning video “Little Charo”, “Kikutan Kids” that learns English words with illustrations and rhythms, and “Oxford Reading Tree” that is also adopted in English elementary schools. Can be said to be a great advantage of the XWord elementary school model.

  • A boy in the lower grades of elementary school who examines English words while pampering his dad

The EXWARD series is a lineup that considers the learning content, level, and usage of each generation, such as for elementary school students (lower grade model / upper grade model), junior high school students, high school students, and business.

EX-word series of No. 1 unit sold for 15 consecutive years (according to GfK Japan survey). It is no surprise that the parents and children who visited the experience party were very interested on this day.

Click here for details of "Exword Elementary School Model" /

  • Lower grade model "XD-SK2000"
    Hiragana keyboard for easy understanding even in lower grades

  • Upper grade model "XD-SK2800"
    Available in two colors: white and vivid pink

Elementary school model adapted to the growth of the child"Lower grade model"When"Upper grade model"Prepared.
"Lower grade model"Is a gentle design that is easy to use, such as a 50-sound keyboard.
"Upper grade model"Has plenty of content to support everything from daily preparation and review to junior high school entrance exams. In addition, contents for junior high school students are also recorded, making it useful for post-graduation learning.

>> Click here for details on the EX-word lower grade model <<<<
>> Click here for details of the EX-word upper grade model <<<<

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