Yabe and Betchi FC end without saying "supporting grandpa"

TV Asahi's "Yabetti F.C.-Japan Soccer Support Declaration-" [Sunday 11:55 pm] [9:55 pm on Sunday], which was announced by the end of August, was announced by Ninety Nine Hiroyuki Yabe [48]. It was broadcast on the same line. Yabe did not mention the end of the show.

On the other hand, in the final stage of the program, former Japanese national team DF Santos Alessandro, who appeared in a video from Brazil, said, "Yabetti F.C., please continue to liven up Japanese football. We support from distant Brazil!" Was sent. Yabe replied with a smile, "Thank you. I'd like to liven up until I became a grandpa…heart."

Yabe appeared in the end of the previous program "Kanjam Perfect Burn Show" saying "No, I am looking forward" and the expectation for soccer J1 which resumed on the 4th. While watching the J League highlights while licking his lips during the program, he screamed, "Wow!", when he watched Spain 1st Majorca MF Kubo Kenei play against A Madrid.

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