Yachimura base 12 points, confronted with Adeto Kumbo, "I'm excited"

Wizards' rookie Yamura [22] made the start in eight games in a row after returning from the injury, with his longest run of 46 minutes and 6 seconds, 12 goals, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steel. The team sought to beat Bucks, the leader in East Conference, but lost the extra time, losing 20 wins and 36 losses in three consecutive losses.

On this day, Yamura struggled, centering on defense. Matched up many times with MVP Adeto Kumbo last season. He stopped his opponent's ace at the end of the first half to 8 points and did not play freely. He nodded, "I got excited about being the best player. I was able to do my best on the physical side."

On the attack side, the first quarter [Q] did not score, but after a fake in the second quarter, he scored gradually with a left-handed hook shot with a technique. In the extension, he also succeeded in a three-point shot with a temporary reversal. The contributions that are not shown in the figures glowed, such as sending an effective pass to allies and taking the opponent's ball and starting the haste.

Wizards had a challenge in defense, but remained highly defensive throughout the day. Hachimura, who showed the highest rank, said, "I was able to protect my team." He seemed to have gained, despite losing to a strong enemy who had already decided to advance to the playoffs. "Today's base has had a major impact on defense," said Brooks.

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