Yahoo auction to ban masks only in auction format-Mercari also tightens restrictions

生活 With the spread of new coronavirus infections, shortages of household goods such as masks continue, and the resale of high-priced products, such as the Flea Market app, is incessant. In light of these circumstances, Mercari and Yahoo Auctions have taken measures, such as removing listings that are suspected of being resold.


In Yahoo! Auctions, you can exhibit in two patterns, the conventional auction format and the fixed price flea market format. Of these, the auction format is prohibited from March 14 at the request of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. . Regarding the flea market format, measures to promote sales at appropriate prices and in small lots have been strengthened. The company will delete or suspend the use of exhibits that are unreasonably large in terms of social wisdom or that have been judged by the company to be outrageous.

と According to the company's Public Relations Department, some of the guidelines' guidelines were added on February 7. If Yahoo determines that an item that would affect the health or human body in a situation such as a disaster would gain unreasonable profit, it should be deleted. According to these guidelines, toilet paper that is confused due to hoaxes is said to be determined. This ban on mask exhibitions will further raise the bar.

Mercari has been strengthening the monitoring of mask exhibitions from the beginning. For large-volume and high-priced exhibitions, we checked the acquisition route, deleted products, and restricted users. On February 27, we added wet tissue for disinfection, hand gel for disinfection, and alcohol for disinfection. On March 3, toilet paper and tissue paper were added. However, it is not completely banned, and price ranges that do not deviate from the market price and small listings are not subject to deletion.

フ リ Also, although we did not announce the flea market app “Rakuma”, we checked with a Rakuma spokeswoman and commented that “expensive resale is prohibited by the rules and masks etc. are also patroled.”

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