Yahoo launches “Jibun CM”, a video advertisement that allows users to share creatives

Yahoo announced on December 6th that it has started providing a new video advertising product “Yahoo! JAPAN Jibun CM” that creates multiple creatives based on data analysis and distributes creatives suitable for each target. As the first installment, a video advertisement of Shiseido Japan's “Majorica Mallorca Milky Skin Mask” is distributed.


Jibun CM is characterized in that when an advertiser distributes a video advertisement of a product or service, the performers and expressions that match the target hobbies and preferences are derived in advance from data analysis, and multiple creatives are produced. According to the attributes and interests of users, it is possible to create creative creatives at the time of distribution.

** As a result, even with video advertisements of the same product, the performers and expressions may change depending on the user watching. More accurate video advertisements are delivered to users, and advertisers can deliver more valuable video advertisements to users. Creative is produced by OneMedia, which produces video content of various genres.

The company aims to provide video advertisements that can be received with a positive impression by more users by combining the company's big data with one-media creative production capabilities. In addition, the company says it will support effective marketing activities of companies through the provision of commercials that use data analysis creatively.

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