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Yahoo announced the results of the Yahoo! Search Awards 2019, which recognizes the people, works, products, etc. that saw the fastest increase in searches in 2019 compared to the previous year.

All results are listed!

The Yahoo! Search Grand Prize is based on data from the largest search service in Japan, Yahoo! Search, and selects and commends the people, works, and products for which the number of searches has risen the most rapidly over the previous year. is.

“Search”, which is the criteria for selection, is an active act of investigating objects of interest and interest, and can be said to reflect the will of the Japanese.

In the Yahoo! Search Grand Prix 2019, the number of people whose searches increased the most rapidly as “this year's face” based on aggregate data from January 1, 2019 (Tuesday) to November 1, 2019 (Friday) In addition to the “Grand Prize” given to, the “Person Category (9 Division Award)”, “Product Category (6 Division Award)”, “Culture Category (6 Division Award)” and “Local Category (47 Division Award)” were implemented.

In addition, as an extra edition, “No. 1” search spikes such as “Cosplay”, “Makeup”, “Hairstyle”, “Fashion” were also announced.

Details of all resultsYahoo! Search Grand Prize official websitePlease check!

■ “Face of the year”, where the number of searches rapidly increased in 2019

2011 actor debut. Since then, he has worked extensively on movies, dramas, and the stage. In 2017, he played the main role as a member of GReeeeN as a member of navi in ​​“Kiseki-That Day Sovito”.

Since 2018, she has starred in five films, including “Rainbow Days”, “Ehime -The Promised Nakuhito”, and “Cheer Boys”. In addition, in the TBS drama “The story to read on the first day of love” broadcasted in the January period, he played a role as a bad high school student, Kohei Yuri, whose hair was dyed pink.

In the July broadcast NTV drama “Your turn is a counterattack,” he appeared as Nikaido Ninja and recorded 19.4% in the final round, attracting attention.

The 2nd photo book “Ryurei” released in March this year has now exceeded 75,000 copies in 9 prints. This year, he won numerous awards such as “Tokyo Drama Award”, “Nikkei Trendy's“ Face of the Year ””, “Shogakukan DIME Trend Award”, “GQ MEN OF THE YEAR”, and this year's face.

Currently performing as a role of Ai Hanamaki in the TBS drama “4 Minute Marigold”. Starring in NTV Sunday 2020 Sunday drama "Panda laughs in a world that is neither white nor black." Next fall, “Your Eyes are Asking” will be released.

<Reason for sudden rise>
He appeared in many topical works as a young talented actor, including the drama “The Story to Read on the First Love”, which played the role of “Lily Yuri”, a high school student with pink hair. He was active in many fields, such as decorating the cover of a popular magazine and showing his special skills in karate on TV programs.

<Words searched together>
Yuri Yuri, anan, Karate, Tokuja, photo book, Tadashi Tsuchiya, appearance information, movie, Instagram, etc.

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