Yakitori store chain:the beak of recovery is real love!

Bird-Noble in 2007 and current President of the Okura, Tadashi, Mr.,Osaka born in. The catch copy is”domestic chicken”using”all one price”. Deflationary era also accepted. A spate of new store openings,favorable revenue trends continued.

【Here】During the Edo period of the founding of the Nihonbashi, the seal of the store, signs of”smartness”to remember

But a major turning point ushered in 2017. 28 years for 280 yen [grilled chicken&drinks]for a flat rate increase of opportunity was. Before 19 years and 7 month period is 5. 5% year on year also,”29.2%operating profit,the final deficit”. For interim disclosure and at the same time the original plan operating income of approximately 10 billion yen downward revision[6 billion 7800 million], the land is”11 million 9000 million yen”. Signs of recovery, was known.

And now the 7 month period of”3.5%of sales[346 billion 500 million yen],10.0%of operating profit[1.3 billion 900 million yen], 4 million 5400 million yen net”plan stood up. The 1st quarter of the fiscal year of the mid term expected rate of progress against the”net sales 49%, and operating income of 59%, net 68%”in passing.

Also, same-store sales trends also 11 March:year-on-year 101. 7%,12 months:101.7%turned 8-12 on average 98. 7%. The previous period of the same time even once over 100 the average 92. 14%. This series of trends to follow as long as the”recovery trend”feel.

, What is the background for this period. Pricing strategies back or not. Okura President of this publicly.

“Amoeba management is an integral part of our commitment to provide industry-gas・electricity・water supply costs at the store level monthly and management by. Store equipment management is also advancing. As a result, compared to the previous year, to every month tens of thousands of Yen back to the situation in years and the amount of that. Amoeba management finally, the store Manager level down to only”

Amoeba management the Kyocera Inamori Mr. presented by the management approach. Amoeba called the collective unit of income to manage. 19 in the second half of the introduction. Okura Mr. the company of the amoeba management meetings participation in all that.

Cost management do, however,”keep thorough”just”new growth stage”is not listed.

In this sense, worth noting is that last year 9 month announced that from 24 years 7 month period toward the new term plan. “Sales 4500 billion yen”after achieving consolidation in parallel with the new stores is essential.

The total is”22 year 7 month period, overseas expansion of 橋頭保 as the United States・Los Angeles store opening”advertised. Protection and attack of the Union at the same time progress as to whether or not,in the future from that.

Okura Mr. of”seriousness”, The Last 10 months of the General meeting of shareholders Total Toshiyuki and Mr. Sasaki of Japan Mr. outside Directors appointed Point also seen. Originally Mr. ramen:Hakata Ippudo in front of the President. Asia・Europe deployment to fulfill a person. Sasaki’s amoeba management consulting engaged in KCCS in front of the President.

Stock school at the time of creation 2000 yen first half from the mid. Last year’s highs 2498 yen in the new year after entering 2698 yen to update the movement have shown. For the current fiscal year expected in the first quarter,the 1st quarter results good feeling to move. Repeated, but not a genuine recovery, and I was like”offensive and defensive”of the two wheels of progress as such. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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