Yamada Denki has 4 stores, bar,Otsuka furniture and floor opening

Last 12 months Otsuka furniture became a subsidiary of Yamada Denki is 7 days,urban LABI, 4 Stores, Inc,Otsuka furniture and a”living scene”to suggest that the corner was opened. At the same time, Otsuka furniture store furniture and appliances in the proposed trial began.

【Here】Yamada Denki,poor management of the Otsuka furniture became a subsidiary of Otsuka Kumiko the President is staying

On the same day we were,LABI1 Japan Home Office Ikebukuro and LABI Shinagawa Oimachi,LABI1 you,LABI, LIFE SELECT Chisato. 2 floors of furniture・the interior floor is established in Toyonaka-of LABI, LIFE SELECT Chisato is opened from the early press also visited the large TV・display is arranged in the living room, such as the conventional furniture market is filled scene in the history of one family stood out.

Yamada Denki Otsuka furniture in 2019 2 months on Business, and reviews of some stores in Otsuka furniture product sales will start, and Otsuka furniture salespeople accept to do it. In the same year 12 at the end of the shares by Yamada Denki is Otsuka furniture of shares 51 strength[voting power]acquired subsidiary.

Yamada Denki is”live”in the field of home appliances, the No. 2 of the revenue pillars to grow in 2011, es by El [now young download Holmes]acquisition. Then also, house, tech, original built in, such as living in areas of M&A actively,19 years is Reviews Real Estate CENTURY 21・business and also business to.

During this time, the furniture・interiors and custom residential, residential renovation as well as the”home appliances to that Museum”to deploy, at the end of last year with 108 stores. At the end of last year in the capital then,home appliances living Museum to Otsuka furniture products exhibition bringing the total number of 34 stores expanded.

On the other hand, Otsuka furniture store in 7 days from the furniture and appliances of the proposed trial begins, Tokyo head office, Shinjuku, Osaka Nanko of the 3 in the showroom sales of home appliances to start. 2 from the end of 3 to early,Ariake head office showroom in the furniture and appliances of the proposal is available sales of trial to start.

Otsuka furniture in 2009, the founder of 大塚勝久 his daughter Kumiko Mr. President, the opposite, from a management route from the difference of the confusion following the corporate image fell, 16 year 12-month period from 3 consecutive deficit and the performance is worse. 19 years deficit continued independence reconstruction abandoned,living in the field of strengthening or Yamada Denki has become a subsidiary of reconstruction, to take a step this was. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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