Yamada Denki,poor management of the Otsuka furniture became a subsidiary of Otsuka Kumiko the President is staying

Consumer electronics giant Yamada Denki is 12, the Board of Directors of the Open,poor management, followed by Otsuka furniture forms a capital tie-up with Otsuka furniture is carried out through the allocation of new shares to a third party to undertake decided. Shares after the acquisition ratio of voting rights is 51. 74%, and Otsuka furniture subsidiary to. Otsuka furniture in the housing-related business expanded to Yamada Denki in partnership with financial difficulties to emerge from the figure. Otsuka Kagu Otsuka, Kumiko the President for the time being,remained to be.

【Here】Yamada Denki,Maebashi shop in Otsuka furniture and the store reopened to the

Yamada Denki Otsuka furniture the third-party allotment of new shares to be issued shares of common stock 3,000 million shares to about 44 million yen to get in addition to 900 million shares, minutes of Stock Acquisition Rights to approximately 22 billion yen to get. Thus, the Otsuka furniture Yamada Denki a subsidiary of that.

Otsuka furniture since its Foundation in 1969, total interior companies as a luxury furniture sales, but our away following 5 consecutive years of declining net sales,6 consecutive years of operating deficits have fallen into. 2019 Year 1~9 month period is approximately 29 billion yen of operating loss was recorded. Along with this, net assets also 2015 fiscal year to 34.4 billion yen of which was a 9 at the end of the current 123 billion in reduced, and deterioration of cash flow has been a concern.

The issuance of new shares proceeds from warehouse automation and distribution efficiency, promote e-Commerce business, strengthening of IT systems investments such as charging, when the crisis situation has been for its financial position worsen from one break can be used.

Yamada Denki Otsuka furniture 2 on to a partner, and furniture, such as housing-related products increased Yamada Denki of new business to the store,Otsuka furniture and sent its employees, no matter what. Yamada Denki is a new business store sales expansion,Otsuka furniture is Yamada Denki sales force utilizing promotional promoting prospects.

Otsuka furniture from virtually any of yourself sold to a subsidiary, yet alone survive the difficult judgment as Yamada Denki is to present conditions on drinking like. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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