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Yamada Shohei News Compass No. 205 Canon's “Carabiner Type Camera” Rewinds Camera Experience

Canon's new concept cameraiNSPiC REC"announced. It is a palm-sized monitorless and finderless digital camera that can be hung and carried like a carabiner, and can be taken quickly and taken anywhere and anytime. The finish is a fun part. The company is positioning it as an asobi camera.

  • Canon “iNSPiC REC” camera with carabiner mechanism. The price is open, and the estimated actual sales price is around 13,800 yen, excluding tax.

Waterproof dustproof light snap camera

The body weighs about 90 grams, much lighter than a typical smartphone. Furthermore, it is waterproof and dustproof equivalent to IP68. The specs as a camera is a very wide angle with a focal length of 25.4 mm in terms of 35 mm. ISO ranges from 100 to 3200, and aspect ratios are 4: 3 and 1: 1. Camera shake correction is a very divisible specification with only video. Data exchange is via Bluetooth connection with smartphones, microSD, and MicroUSB. There are many things to do with MicroUSB today, but it is interesting for camera makers to challenge this area.

There is no AF function. This is because the camera is designed on the premise of shooting with so-called pan focus. Although it is a camera manufacturer's camera, I am curious that the F value of the lens is not released as a specification, but anyway, it is a way to shoot with a narrow aperture and make it appear as if it is in focus from close to far.

A photographer who was said to be a master of snapshots, the late Imura Kimura, raised the focus position of the lens set slightly in the aperture and pinned it several meters away, shooting with a no finder as if it was a close-up It is said that he created a masterpiece. Although this camera is a tool for taking pictures like that, few people may know …

  • iNSPiC REC also has no viewfinder. Just press the shutter

The concept is "release without thinking anything"

However, the era of Kimura Ihei who played an active part in the middle of the 20th century is completely different. Many of the photos that appear to be instagrams are taken indoors and in a dark place, and there are many delicious gourmet photos. Even if the ISO sensitivity is up to 3200, which is much higher than that of film, it is not suitable for a super-sensitive smartphone camera. I'm also worried about whether it will be captured properly.

Moreover, the shortest shooting distance is 50cm. It ’s not this distance, it ’s not easy to take a delicious treat in front of you. Close up of insects and flowers as well as ramen and cakes is difficult. Moreover, it is also difficult to predict the composition that will be completed in the no finder. Taking a photogenic picture will require a good sense. However, if you're aiming for a bold composition in a bright outdoors, you can get a good picture. Perhaps a child who doesn't think of anything will take interesting pictures.

Canon says that when there is an urge to take pictures without worrying about difficult things in photography, they want to release it without thinking about anything. Although this camera was planned by female employees in their 20s, if they do not convey the assumptions and characteristics properly, they will see a disappointment in the result of continuous mass production with great failure if they actually shoot. It seems.

At that time, as a camera maker, I was wondering if there was any discussion when it was commercialized, but it was said that it was commercialized with priority given to ease of use.

What do you take in a different place from your smartphone?

I understand the message as a manufacturer, and it's not bad for camera makers to take on these challenges. However, smartphone cameras have improved so far, and if you press the shutter button, it is common to take some photos, so there are some cameras that are not so, aggressively from various angles It will be necessary to devise a way to tell end users. If that doesn't work, it will be forgotten as a camera that can't be seen. In that case, the new visual expression that Canon thinks will be a plan collapse. That is regrettable.

Thinking about it now, when I was in elementary school, my first personal camera was the finder, but like this camera, the focus was a fixed-focus pan-focus brownie film camera. I loaded a black and white film and sent it to the next frame every time I shot it. It becomes a camera that goes into a pocket through a camera that captures even a single light of a candle, and now smartphones function as regular cameras. This time, Canon ’s challenge is to rewind the experience. It is a marketing game that opens up new markets.

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